Project Runway Season 20, Episode 10 Recap: Freedom

Project Runway Recap
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Seven became six on Project Runway Season 20, as the All Stars were given the freedom to design whatever they wanted for the runway. This week, their looks would be showcased at the iconic Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park. They’d get two days to put together their design, “so it better be good,” warned Christian. Let’s get into exactly what happened on Project Runway All Stars.

What does freedom mean to you?

Project Runway recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

While they sketched their designs, the All Stars got to talking about freedom. Kara Saun, Laurence, and Korto were in their “sister circle.” Their freedom came through being three Black women who all supported one another. Sadly, that’s a rare sight on our screens. It’s great to see this representation being shown.

Bishme also reflected on his roots, revealing his hopes that his journey could “allow other people to be free.” Prajjé says that “freedom means everything” to somebody like him, who has seen bodies line the streets. These are all “sobering moments,” as Rami so perfectly details. He also notes how important this challenge is for him as a Palestinian. It’s beautiful to see the cast come together and share their history.

With the sketches complete, the designers headed off to grab their fabric. They had a budget of $750 each. Christian encouraged Laurence to be a little more daring with her leather, convincing her to go with a purple rather than another black.

Back in the workroom

Project Runway recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

As day one got underway in the workroom, everybody was feeling inspired. Kara Saun would take her inspiration from the non-profit “Fashion Fairy Godmother.” It encourages children and gives them “a life” she may not have experienced. Christian thinks her design could be a “structural moment.”

Over with Laurence, she is creating a tailored jacket into a long skirt. “Go evening, why not?” Christian says. “You’re so good at it.”

Prajjé is inspired by a Goddess of snakes. “I don’t think it’s very you yet,” Christian warns. “It could be very strong.” Prajjé hopes that the look can serve as a reintroduction of his work to the judges.

Bishme instantly impresses Christian with his idea. “I’m obsessed with it,” the former winner says.

Korto is told she must make “the most amazing robe you’ve ever made” if she’s to steal the show. “It’s going to slay,” she promises.

Did Brittany steal Prajjé’s look?

Project Runway recap
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There are accusations of “plagiarism” as the day continues. Prajjé scrawls down a note to Korto, and claims Brittany’s using the same top he designed in the ’90s challenge. “I would appreciate a note,” he says in confessional.

Later, he quips, “bitch stole my look.” Kara Saun warns him not to bring it up, as “it’s obvious,” and will be caught out.

This whole moment feels super bitchy. It would’ve been nice to see some resolution, and Brittany having a conversation with Prajjé. Unfortunately, she’s not yet been allowed that chance. Whether it will come in a future episode remains to be seen.

The day of the runway arrives

Project Runway recap
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Laurence is not yet “completely in love” with her skirt. She can’t see all of it, as she’s yet to finish the design. When she does, and her model tries to walk in it, it feels tight. She has 15 minutes to fix it – but can she pull it off?

Meanwhile, Christian suggests Kara Saun remove the cape from her look. It “looks like you’re adding it on just to add it on,” he critiques. She’s firm in her belief that it will carry her through this challenge, however.

Bishme has done away with the exaggerated shoulders, following critiques earlier on in the season. “It’s time to show them that I have evolved,” he says of the judges. Coming off the back of a major win, can he get two in a row?

Rain can’t dim the shine of these designers

Project Runway recap
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Despite the rain, and models needing to use an umbrella, the runway is a huge success. The judges are Nina, Elaine, and Brandon, with Christian serving as a fourth judge. It’s just family, this week.

Korto’s model walks first, and the fabric used for the cape is stunning. The wind actually helps to give it some character; it’s a real moment on the runway.

Prajjé’s is next, and I love the open back. I feel that he executed his vision flawlessly.

Brittany’s look is classic Brittany. She may just be designing the fashion of the future.

Kara’s next, with an ethereal design. It is giving costume, but it’s certainly eye-catching.

Rami has smashed this one out of the park. His design is elegant, and red carpet-ready. His model, Mimi, is also EVERYTHING. She’s been a major standout this season.

Laurence delivers a gorgeous design, and her model walks beautifully. Is it practical? That’s up for discussion, but the model isn’t giving anything away if it is hard to walk in.

Finally, there’s Bishme’s design. It’s giving SUPERMODEL. This is the main event of the evening for sure.

Who wins, and who goes home?

Project Runway Recap
(Photo by: Zach Dilgard/Bravo)

Elaine thinks Bishme’s design “looks so expensive,” while Nina says, “You are on trend, if not making your own trends.” Meanwhile, Brandon tells Rami that his design “highlights your expert craftsmanship.” Laurence is also in the top. “When you play with the strict and the soft is when the magic comes out,” Nina says.

In the bottom are Prajjé and Kara Saun. Elaine says Prajjé’s garment “is everything you are not.” Kara Saun is told her design is “more breathtaking without the jacket,” and Nina adds that the outfit needed “to be harnessed.”

In the end, Bishme gets another win. It’s well-deserved.

Sadly, Kara Saun is sent home. As an OG, it’s a really emotional goodbye. But she has for sure done her late mother proud.

Next week: The All Stars are tasked with creating one look, showcasing two styles. Plus, Korto is getting “mixed messages” from the judges, and feels “damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”

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