The Winners and Losers of Below Deck Adventure Season 1

Kerry Titheradge
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Below Deck Adventure is the newest Below Deck spin-off cooked up by Bravo, although Season 1 received mixed reviews from fans. Kerry Titheradge joined the season becoming the spin-off’s first ever Captain, while Faye Clarke took on the role of Chief Stew. Jessica Condy joined the cast as Chef, and Lewis Lupton served as the season’s Bosun.

Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah joined Faye as Junior Stews, while Nathan Morley, Kyle Dickard, Seth Jacobson, and Michael Gilman served as Deckhands. The newly established crew climbed aboard the Mercury, and set sail along the Fjords of Norway.

Below Deck Adventure differs from previous spin-offs, as it includes particularly thrilling activities for the guests to engage in, such as rock climbing and parasailing. Two crew members from Season 1 ended as winners, although two others unfortunately came out of the season as losers.

Captain Kerry Titheradge – Winner

Kerry Titheradge/Instagram

Captain Kerry was one of the most likable cast members on Below Deck Adventure Season 1, and he was a true team player. While many of the crew members aboard the Mercury were not on top of their game, Captain Kerry never let his team nor the guests down. He got along well with all of the guests onboard, and even shared their passion of thrill seeking activities.

Furthermore, Captain Kerry was always there to lend a hand when someone on his team needed help. For instance, he was more than happy to help prepare a picnic for the guests, after Chef Jessica burned herself. Captain Kerry also helped the deck crew with their duties, after Kyle left early on in the season.

Faye Clarke – Winner

Faye Clarke/Instagram

Despite a few errors in her role as Chief Stew, Faye came out of Below Deck Adventure Season 1 just as big a winner as Captain Kerry. Faye took her job very seriously, which many other crew members this season failed to do. Although Faye should not have tried to hide the hair in the food situation from Captain Kerry, it is also understandable why she would feel inclined to do so.

It was evident that despite being tough on her Junior Stews, Faye cared about her interior team and only wanted the best for them. Faye was also great with the guests, and led them on various excursions. including paragliding and picnics. Faye was a respectable team player, and it was clear that she knew what she was doing as Chief Stew.

Kyle Dickard – Loser


Kyle was undoubtedly the biggest loser of Below Deck Adventure Season 1, since he did not even last three full episodes. From the second he was introduced, it was clear that Kyle was nothing but trouble. Kyle found himself in deep waters with Captain Kerry after he flirted with Kasie in front of guests, which is of course extremely inappropriate.

Unfortunately Kyle’s bad behavior did not end there, as he repeatedly picked on his fellow Deckhand Nathan. Kyle made racist remarks toward Nathan, and even proceeded to threaten him when he would not flush a toilet in their shared cabin. This ultimately got back to Captain Kerry, who asked Kyle to resign from the crew as a result.

Jessica Condy – Loser


Jessica had potential to be an amazing yacht chef, however, the pressure ended up becoming too much for her. Throughout the season, Jessica was quick to get snappy with the interior team, which resulted in them feeling like they were walking on eggshells around her. Jessica also made numerous errors in her meals, and was not the most considerate of guests requests and allergies.

At the end of the season, Captain Kerry sat down with Jessica to discuss what he referred to as intimidating behavior on her end. Captain Kerry was not happy about the way Jessica spoke to the interior team, but the chef was quick to get defensive. Jessica claimed that she felt her time as a yacht chef was over, as she no longer felt happy with the job. Since it does not seem there is much of a chance of Jessica returning, she also exits Below Deck Adventure as a loser.