Dotun and Charity's parents
Dotun and Charity's parents (Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images)

Dotun Olubeko Hopes Charity Lawson’s ‘Very Tough’ Mother Approves

The Bachelorette came to a heartwarming conclusion that had everyone swooning when 27-year-old Charity Lawson accepted 30-year-old Dotun Olubeko’s proposal. It was romantic, sweet, and, let’s face it, we shed more than a few tears.

Plus, after that gorgeous moment, Bachelor Nation got a very civil, respectful, and loving breakup between Charity and runner-up Joey Graziadei. And while that may have stung, he can take comfort in being put in the driver’s seat next season as the new Bachelor.

So it’s now happily ever time for Charity and Dotun. The couple is focusing on life after the final rose ceremony, learning more about each other, Charity’s upcoming stint with Dancing with the Stars, and how Dotun is winning over his future mother-in-law.

Making progress on the mom front

Charity and Dotun are settling in Los Angeles for now for Charity’s DWTS stint. They sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss their newfound happiness, what they’re looking forward to (spoiler: it’s riding in the same Uber and grocery shopping together), wedding plans, and how close their families have become, even Charity’s “very tough” mom.

“The finale was the first time we’ve been able to be together in person,” Charity shared. “My dad loved Dotun, but with Mama Vickie, she’s a little bit tougher. But she’s grown to love and admire him too.”

Dotun admits that he’s hoping he’s making progress with winning Charity’s mom over. He has made it a point to show her how much he loves her daughter, and this approach seems to be working. “I think at this point she sees how much Charity means to me,” he said. “And that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy. So it’s only upwards from here.”

On the other hand, Charity’s undercover brother, Nehemiah, adores Dotun, and their inside joke is that he fell in love with him even before his sister did, as he spent more time with him that first night. “He had way more conversations with Dotun than I did,” Charity admitted.

As for Dotun’s family, they’re thrilled! His grandmother even called it early on, saying she felt the Dotun and Charity were “bonded from heaven.” Dotun’s mother can’t wait to plan a beautiful Nigerian wedding!

Coming up roses

It looks like things are still going strong with our beautiful Bachelorette couple. They’re discussing a possible Nigerian wedding and a wedding closer to home for their family in the States. 

They’re also figuring out the long-term logistics of their relationship, including where they want to eventually settle down, as Charity’s originally from Georgia while Dotun is from Brooklyn. “For now, we will be in LA because of Dancing with the Stars. I’ll be with her since I work remotely, and we don’t want to be apart,” Dotun explained. “So LA for a few months, and after that, who knows?”

They’re taking it one step at a time and focusing more on spending time together and enjoying the ride.