Mel Schilling, Married at First Sight
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Married at First Sight UK 2023 Cast Revealed

The newest season of Married at First Sight UK is set to return later this year, and news of the return is circulating quickly. Producers promised that if fans enjoyed the last Australia rendition, they would love the new UK season.

A source shared with OK! that “This season of MAFS UK has just finished filming and it is very explosive. [There’s] wife swapping, massive rows and even a physical altercation between two of the grooms. One of them was even removed from the show.”

The source further revealed, “Since filming ended, the cast’s WhatsApp group chat has blown up. The two grooms are going head-to-head and are planning a boxing fight between them. The reunion is due to be filmed in July and at this rate it will be explosive.” And with that in mind, meet Married at First Sight’s new competitors.

Meet MAFS’ seven new fiancées

As introduced by publications including Heart, his season’s women include Laura, 34, a Hampshire-based finance broker looking for a  second shot at love after her first marriage. Executive assistant Porscha, 36, is a Londonite “looking for an alpha male” and someone who shares her traditional Christian values.

Childcare assistant Tasha from Leeds, the youngest contestant at age 25, wants to settle down and start a family. From Western-Super-Mare, “blonde bombshell” Ella, 29, is a clinic consultant making history as the show’s first transgender contestant. Shona, a 31-year-old performing arts teacher from Nottingham, is a self-labeled “free spirit.”

Peggy, 32, is a technology risk partner in Kent who “wants a fairytale wedding with her knight in shining armor.” And last among the women is Rosaline, a 28-year-old florist from Crewe. She’s introduced as “recently single” after a shocking breakup that left her heartbroken.

And the nine new fiancés

Kicking off the men is Terence, 40, a youth worker, DJ, and single father of three in Reading. Then there’s Brad, a 27-year-old model from Grimsby, who claims to be stepping away from the party lifestyle. Next is Paul, 26, from Chesham. The account manager is looking for someone sporty, like him.

30-year-old Luke from Clacton is a sales executive is a self-appointed “funny man,” “social butterfly,” and “mess.” Next is Jay, 31, a sales manager from Lancashire, who’s “happy-go-lucky” and looking to end his few months of solitude. Nathaniel, the 36-year-old events marketing manager from Manchester, wants someone to join his “jet-setting lifestyle.”

Professional tennis coach Arthur, 34, was born in Poland and moved to the UK at 16, based now in London. Georges, 30, is a Surrey-based sports rehabilitator, used to a life of luxury. And lastly up is Thomas, a 27-year-old Wiltshire resident working in investment communications. He’s an animal lover, explorer, and traveler, hoping to find an adventurer and cat lover.

The premiere date for Married at First Sight UK’s next season has yet to be revealed.