Brandi Glanville
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Rumor: Shocking Details Leak of Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville’s Ultimate Girls Trip

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 4 has been plagued by controversy. The season was meant to air in the spring of 2023. But Caroline Manzo’s claim that Brandi Glanville sexually assaulted her put the release on hold pretty much indefinitely.

Now, Twitter user @thebravobabe has brought forward details of the alleged incident. The details come from the Bravo commentator known as Your Moms Are Watching. All of these claims are purely allegations at this point. Nothing is confirmed. All of this is a rumor.

Caroline allegedly called her sister Dina a “wh*re”

The rumor began by explaining that none of the girls were eager for Caroline to arrive. Everyone was hoping to “have fun and let loose” and “weren’t sure she would vibe.” When Caroline did arrive, she came in hot, allegedly calling her sister Dina Cantin a “wh*re,” and accusing her of cheating on her husband multiple times.

One of the Housewives reportedly asked “Are you really calling your sister a wh*re?” and that’s when Brandi jumped in. Brandi purportedly condemned Caroline for talking that way about her sister and the two got into a big fight. Caroline cried. She admitted that Dina’s husband cheated on her, but claimed she cheated with five men for every one of his.

The girls then began to suppose Caroline only came on the show to trash her sister. From there, “Caroline and Brandi made up, and the fight was over.” Later in the evening, the two started drinking heavily and reportedly began “making out.” After the party, the girls locked themselves in the bathroom. Alex McCord kept her foot against the door to keep production from entering.

What happened in the bathroom?

Reportedly, “There was nothing sexual going on in there … a lot of laughter and then someone (presumably Caroline) saying ‘Stop that.’” Once production got in, everyone was fine and seemed “happy.” The girls then went to bed.

However, the next morning, production came into Brandi’s room and told her that Caroline alleged she’d been touched inappropriately by Brandi. “Caroline wanted Brandi sent home or she would take legal action.” Ostensibly, production tried to assuage Caroline by promising not to air the footage of her and Brandi kissing, but Caroline wouldn’t budge.

Brandi was sent home after spending a night in “a shoddy hotel in a dangerous part of town.” To Brandi’s recollection, there was no “fooling around … even in a joking manner.” That’s when the story hit the media with Caroline accusing Brandi of sexual assault. Bravo conducted a fruitless investigation and “Lawyers are still hashing it out between Brandi and Caroline.”

Reactions to the Brandi/Caroline rumor

Gretchen Rossi, Brandi, and Phaedra Parks all allegedly maintain that “no funny business [occurred] in the bathroom,” also claiming that Alex never would’ve kept the door shut if something dangerous was happening. Ostensibly, “Alex has not ever said she saw anything, she is just standing by Caroline out of solidarity.”

The details concluded with the claim that Caroline is still trying to stop the kissing scenes from “seeing the light of day.” One fan expressed disbelief over the series of events, rationalizing that “Caroline seems super reserved whenever a family question is being asked.” The fan labeled Caroline’s alleged trashing of Dina as “inconsistent.”

The Bravo Babe responded by saying, “I don’t disagree, but the Dina part I have heard from 3 people now,” adding, “I don’t think this season will EVER air.” The series of events also alleged that Caroline’s father was no longer speaking with her. But one fan pointed out that he passed away in 2020.