Love Is Blind, Izzy Zapata
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 5: Izzy Zapata Reveals There’s a ‘Sex Day’ in the Pods

Love is Blind has challenged the concept of what it means to fall in love, and for Izzy Zapatathat meant having all the important conversations with Stacy Snyder before he proposed.

“I’m an open book,” he revealed on the podcast Viall Files. “I don’t even think there would be an ‘out there’ question, but after a couple of days, we do get to the fun day, the sex day,” Izzy, 32, shared. “Through the process, the producers give us guidance on what to talk about, like one day it’ll be finance, one day will be like values and families, and one day there’s sex.”

Important conversations

Izzy told host Nick Viall that “sex day” was not like a theme day from Dancing With the Stars or a chance to have sexual relations through pod wall “glory holes.” Thank goodness. 

The reality is a little less sensational. On these days, Love is Blind contestants can share their honest preferences and interests about sex. Something that, granted, is important to know before you marry someone.

“It’s a time to get to know one another in terms of kinks — lights on or lights off,” he said. “Some of the girls are curious, I will say, and we have a bit of help along the way,” Izzy explained, referring to the producers’ prompts. He revealed that he was asked specifically about his kinks in the bedroom.

Izzy shared his response on the podcast and said that he shared his kink was, “I like to get spit in mouth,” he revealed. “It’s honestly kind of hot. There’s a time and a place and a way to do it.” A lot of people think it’s like hocking a loogie, but you have to be in the moment, nice and slow.”

Trusting the process.

While that may seem like TMI, I guess it’s important to know if you plan on getting married. Izzy is one of the contestants on Love is Blind Season 5, and while the sales representative was initially skeptical about the show, he ultimately decided to trust the process and approach it with an open mind.

“I fully submitted myself to the experience,” he admitted. “Like, I figure if I’m here, I’m going to do it and let’s give it a shot. And I did, and it was, honestly, the best way to date, in my opinion.” 

And he certainly did date. During the process, Izzy got close to several women, including Stacy, 35, Johnie Maraist, and Lydia Velez Gonzalez. He eventually proposed to Stacy and was pleased that when they met in person, they had lots of chemistry.

Guess those sex talks paid off.

Love is Blind Season 5 is currently airing on Netflix, with new episodes every Friday.