House of Villains
Photo by: Casey Durkin/E! Entertainment

House of Villains: Corinne Olympios Reveals Who Was ‘Most Villainous’

The villains are getting the spotlight now in the new reality show House of Villains, which brings together the most notorious “villains” of reality TV. And if you thought one villain per show was entertaining, putting them all together is something else entirely.

The villains themselves may not have been prepared for the cutthroat competition, and Corinne Olympios from The Bachelor shared that some contestants just aren’t nice people. She dished to Hollywood Life, who she thought was the most villainous on the show.

Not good people

When asked who she thought was an actual villain and who she didn’t connect with at all, she quickly answered, “I think Jax and Omarosa are the two people I really didn’t connect with at all. I think they are the most villainous.”

She was further probed by what she meant, “Is it generally what they are? Like it’s in their DNA? Like they aren’t good people?”

“Oh no, no,” Corrine affirmed.

During the October 12 episode of the show, viewers saw the cringe-worthy first meet-and-greet between Corinne and Omarosa when Corinne confessed to not knowing Omarosa’s name. The latter cooly replied, “Google can help you with that.”

Aftward, Omarosa just continually shut Corinne down every time the Bachelor alum tried to talk to her until Corinne just walked away crying, but not before saying, “I call that trying way too f*cking hard. Have a great f*cking day, bitch.”

And that was the start and end of that relationship. Later, Bobby Lytes told Corinne that Omarosa said that she didn’t like her, to which Corinne replied, “Big f*cking whoop,” while rolling her eyes.

Leaning in

And while it’s not surprising that Corinne named Omarosa (and Jax because, well, it’s Jax) the most villainous of the show, the reality TV star isn’t denying she can be pretty notorious, too.

While thinking about her own time as a villain on The Bachelor, Corinne admitted that her perspective has changed on what being a villain means to her.

“At first, I was like, ‘I’m not really a villain,’” she shared. “But then I kind of leaned into and was like, ‘being a villain is hot.”

She laughed and ended with, “I’m a f*cking villain.”

House of Villains continues on Thursdays at 10/9c on E! and is available to stream on NBC