Gary King
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Captain Glenn Throws Support Behind Gary King Despite Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Gary King is still insisting he’s innocent of all allegations of sexual misconduct. And apparently, Captain Glenn Shephard is supporting him. It’s not a good look, Glenn.

On November 1, Gary posted a picture of himself in a sea of flowers, with the caption, “It’s sad that people will do anything in their power to bring you down. It’s not about how you fall but how you get up. Luckily for me the fall was into a sea of daisies.” Captain Glenn left two emojis in the comments section, a thumbs up and a sunglasses/”cool guy” emoji. Gary responded with “love you,” and Glenn replied with a “you, too.”

The post was pathetically accompanied by a list of 12 whiny-sounding hashtags, all of which link to sites where people claim innocence. Sadly, we’ve all witnessed his behavior on TV where he openly flirts with any woman who can’t get out of his way fast enough.

Never underestimate the power of denial

Though someone had the good sense to uninvite him from BravoCon, there is no word on whether Gary will continue as a Bravo employee. I’m guessing the next season of BDSY has already been filmed, so firing him at this point would be an issue.

According to production crew member Samantha Suarez, Gary attempted to force himself on her while filming Season 4 in the summer of 2022. Assigned to escort him back to his hotel room following an alcohol-fueled confessional session, Gary reportedly trapped Samantha in his hotel room and wouldn’t allow her to leave. He was in his underwear at the time and pressed himself against her back while she was trying to escape. See the full account here.

Bravo didn’t do much about the situation

Gary King on Below Deck Sailing Yacht
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Though she immediately reported the alleged incident to producers and told several co-workers what happened, Bravo did next to nothing. Even though other employees also reported experiencing inappropriate behavior, there was no punishment.

“It was insane. There were multiple incidents of sexual harassment in front of multiple producers after [Gary was] given verbal warnings multiple times,” one of the accusers claimed.

We’ve all seen on the show that Gary hits on every pretty girl on the crew. A favorite tactic is to block a woman’s way with his body and insist she give him a kiss before he will let her go. It’s uncomfortable to watch, and certainly inappropriate workplace behavior.

Gary denied the accusations in several Instagram comments, which were later deleted. “It’s so weird, it’s also so far from the truth. She always wanted a platform and unfortunately I’m the unlucky target,” he wrote after the story broke. “I’m not going to let some lying girl get to me.” So typical of him to turn the blame back on his accuser, rather than taking any responsibility for his actions. Gary’s an entitled asshole who thinks every pretty girl is a toy to be used for his own pleasure.

When he returned to social media on Wednesday, Gary maintained his innocence. “I know [I did nothing wrong], and I know the truth but it still hurts when people will tell lies to bring you down,” he told a fan who advised him to stay positive. I’m sorry, but I believe Samantha. I hope she sues him and wins.