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Below Deck Season 11 Teaser: Captain Kerry Replaces the Stud of the Sea

The latest news from the Below Deck universe is going to make some people “madder than a pissed-on chicken.” Season 11 is cruising our way (but not until February), sadly without Captain Lee Rosbach at the helm. The beloved “Stud of the Sea” was involuntarily retired for health reasons following Season 10. His replacement is Captain Kerry Titheradge from Below Deck Adventure.

“I know I have big shoes to fill,” Kerry says, addressing his crew in a newly released super teaser video. “I like it that way. You work hard, you’ll be rewarded. You f*** around? I will f***ing turn in a heartbeat.”

“We all have good days full of rainbows and unicorns,” he continues, as an ominous version of “Row Row Row Your Boat” plays in the background. “And we have some bad days, right? I expect perfection.” To paraphrase Captain Lee, “They’d better give their souls to Jesus ‘cause their asses belong to Captain Kerry.”

Expecting perfection does not ensure you’ll get it

Of course, immediately following Kerry telling his crew that he expects perfection, we see them doing exactly the opposite of that. Communication seems to be a major issue.

While dropping the anchor, a deckhand radios the captain. “We’ve got about two and a half shots in the water,” indicating the length of the anchor chain that’s been let out.

“I only asked for one shot,” Kerry fires back. Oops.

Later, as he attempts to pull the boat into a narrow berth, he’s not getting the help he needs from his deck crew. Backing in blind, he relies on the outside crew to be his eyes and tell him how close he is to the dock.

Even though the lead deckhand tells them to “Call your distance,” Kerry complains that he’s “getting no information.” Crew members desperately throw out inflatable bumpers to prevent the yacht from crashing.

“Strap in,” Chief Stew Fraser Olender tells a group of laughing guests. “It’s going to be a long ride.”

The miscommunication seems to be an ongoing theme, as deckhand Jared Woodin admits he thinks in feet while the distances need to be called in meters. It takes a minute for him to convert things in his head before he can call it to the captain. Returning deckhand and crew hottie Ben Willoughby comments, “I’m sorry but I feel dumber when I’m around him already.”

He’s so slow, Captain Kerry ends up shouting, “Someone call these wankers!”

Work hard, play hard

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Yacht crews work hard for very long hours, sometimes putting in 18-hour days during a charter. Needless to say, they need to blow off some steam on their highly anticipated nights off.

“One crew, one family bitches,” one steward claims as they knock down pins during a night of bowling (and surely drinking). “I feel the heat,” another says while rubbing his severely sunburned back.

Even though there’s a reason for the saying “Don’t screw the crew,” Barbie Pascual and Kyle Stillie are going at it “like dogs.” Everyone has their own method of blowing off steam.

“[The] easiest part about being a captain is driving the boat,” says Kerry. “The hard part’s the crew.”

Apparently, someone crosses an unforgivable line at some point because Kerry announces, “I am so f***ing mad. It’s a total disregard for my authority.”

A crew member may get the dreaded “plane ticket home,” as we see a boat pulling away from the yacht while Fraser intones, “I never saw that coming ever.”

The words “New captain, New rules,” flash onto the screen. “Ship just got real.” Life is but a dream.

Below Deck season 11 premieres Monday, Feb, 5 at 9 PM/ET on Bravo.