Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: Tears, Laughter, and a Gay Brunch

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 2
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Things started quite explosively with the Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 premiere. Alexia Nepola’s Nuevos Horizontes party turned sideways when Todd Nepola failed to show up, even after promising he’d be there. Guerdy Abraira later left the party in tears, unwilling to tell her friends about her breast cancer diagnosis. And these events still rippled. Here’s everything that went down in The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 2: “Champagne Confessions.”

The RHOM ladies wonder what’s eating Guerdy

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 2
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While taking her son to get ice cream, Dr. Nicole Martin rang up Guerdy, asking if she’d like to get drinks later that week. Nicole knew something was wrong, even before Guerdy started crying, so she hoped to get to the bottom of the drama.

Larsa Pippen had Alexia and Kiki Barth joined her for a workout session. After the exercise, the group discussed the party and Todd’s absence. Alexia was afraid her friends might think her marriage was rocky but insisted that it wasn’t. Kiki also confessed to Alexia that Adriana de Moura was talking smack on the way to the party, accusing Alexia of elitism and loving Todd for his money.

Later that evening, Lisa Hochstein’s new boyfriend, Jody Glidden, made good on his invitation to Adriana, letting her come by her old house — Jody’s current residence. Lisa revealed that Jody suggested a few times that she move in with him, but Lisa said she wanted to take things slow. Eventually, Julia Lemigova joined Adriana and Lisa for drinks.

The group discussed Julia’s attack on Marysol Patton, accusing her of emotional manipulation against Alexia. Both the workout group and the drinks after-dark group questioned why Guerdy left the party crying.

Relationship drama in RHOM Season 6

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 2
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Later, Larsa caught up with Marcus Jordan over lunch. The two are mostly inseparable, though, Marcus has yet to move in. They discussed their relationship, their podcast, and the fact that Marcus will be traveling for a week or so. Larsa lamented how much she’d miss him.

Meanwhile, Lisa made her way to another hearing in her ongoing divorce saga from Lenny Hochstein. However, on her way to the hearing, she got a call from her lawyer, informing her she wouldn’t have to show up. Lenny agreed to payments of $8,000 per month. Still, Lisa was unsatisfied. She felt Lenny owed her and the family much more than that.

Needing an opportunity to cool off, Marysol hosted a boozy gay brunch where she, Lisa, and Kiki partied hard. The group got to chatting about Todd, and Lisa admitted that she and Jody saw him on their way out of the party.

At the same time, Nicole followed up on her invitation to have drinks with Guerdy, inviting Julia and Adriana as well. During drinks, the group also landed on Todd, with Adriana sharing she also ran into him on the way out. Adriana said Todd admitted there was “trouble in paradise.” When Adriana suggested there were problems in the marriage, Todd allegedly said, “Right on the nose.”

A moment of normalcy at gay brunch and drinks

Adriana de Moura
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Also in the middle of drinks, the group had a surprise visit from music producer Emilio Estefan, who stopped by the table just to say hi to Adriana. The group was impressed, wondering if Adriana’s attempts at a music career had more legs than they initially thought.

Over at the gay brunch, Larsa annoyed her co-stars with talk of Marcus, saying how badly she missed him and planning to throw a welcome-back party in just a few days. Lisa was not shy to admit her irritation, calling Larsa “so annoying.” That moved the conversation to Jody, as the group made sure he wasn’t just a rebound for Lisa.

With that out of the way, the discussion switched to Guerdy. Larsa confessed that after the party, the two talked on the phone; Guerdy suggested the two speak privately and in person. At afternoon drinks, after Julia mentioned her nine engagements, the group also tried to get Guerdy to open up about how the Nuevos Horizontes party ended.

Guerdy confronts her cancer diagnosis

Guerdy Abraira
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Guerdy told the camera it was difficult for her to admit her diagnosis to her friends but hoped to “rise to the occasion.” Of her behavior, Guerdy said she “was trying to put on my good face,” but was taken aback by “aggressive and abrasive behavior.”

It was at that point that Guerdy began tearing up. Through her tears, she confessed that she had breast cancer. Julia and Nicole were left speechless, while Adriana shouted her distress. With the look on her face and her words to the camera, it was clear that Nicole took the news especially hard.

Guerdy shared she was in stage one, also sharing her fear for Russell Abraira, her husband. Soon enough, Nicole and Julia mustered up words. Julia empathized with Guerdy given Martina Navratilova’s cancer battles. After tears, the group was able to joke about it, with Guerdy sharing Russell’s teasing about where her nipples might end up.

Todd and Alexia talk it out (poorly)

Alexia and Todd Nepola
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That evening, Todd and Alexia got together for dinner. Alexia admitted it was hard for her to let her son move out, even if it was only a short drive away. Todd said he had reservations about Alexia’s helicopter parenting. From there, the two moved on to the elephant in the room.

Todd admitted that he was downstairs in the building’s gym during the Nuevos Horizontes party. Moreover, he got a steak from the building’s restaurant. He said he wanted to avoid any confrontation or awkwardness during the party, but Alexia wasn’t too satisfied with that reasoning.

Though Todd apologized, and Alexia accepted the apology, she was still torn. When asked by a producer if she’d ever done anything similar to Todd, she said, “Never.”

Larsa and Guerdy are on “different planets”

Larsa Pippen and Guerdy Abraira
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The episode ended with Guerdy and Larsa getting together for their private conversation. Guerdy approached the meeting with the voice of reason, but Larsa was a little less willing to return that reasonableness. She was still hung up on Guerdy calling her the fakest Housewife.

Larsa suggested that they talk without any tears. Once Guerdy heard that, she responded with, “I can do whatever I want.” Larsa expressed offense that Guerdy cut off their argument at the Nuevos Horizontes party. At that point, Guerdy realized she and Larsa were on “completely different planets” in terms of what they hoped for from the conversation.

Larsa tried to deflect: “I have no idea what you’re saying.” Guerdy agreed, accusing Larsa of failing to listen. After she tells Larsa that she needs to offer “a safer space,” Guerdy begins tearing up. Larsa asked what Guerdy was crying for considering she “apologized.”

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