Max Salvador on Below Deck Med
Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Below Deck Med Season 8 Preview: Deckhand Wants To Leave the Yacht Early

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 might be one of the most drama-filled seasons of any Below Deck franchise in a long time. The season had one early departure when Captain Sandy Yawn discovered Ruan Irving’s Yachtmaster credentials allegedly belonged to someone else.

Since then, there have been other close calls over whether castmates might finish out the season early. When Captain Sandy fractured her wrist, viewers were initially unclear on whether she would continue the voyage.

When she did come back, it seemed for a moment that she might fire chef Jack Luby after he took a shot with charter guests. Ultimately, he was let off with a warning. Now, however, it looks as though Max Salvador might be leaving the season for good.

Max wants to “cash out” and head home

In an exclusive preview for the November 20 episode shared with E! News, Max approached his Bosun, Luka Brunton, sharing his plans to leave the boat after the next charter. “I don’t think I’m gonna finish the season with you guys,” Max said. Luka was flabbergasted. “What? When?” he responded. Max said, “I promise that I am going to do another charter.”

In the preview, Max explained his philosophy on yachting. In his mind, yachting is “like a casino … You win money. You come inside, you make money, you make money, you make money. And, like the casino, you need to know to go out, to make the cashout, you know? Before it’s too late and you lose everything. And now, I just want to cash out.”

Luka tried to persuade Max to stay aboard and finish out the rest of the season with the crew. “You can’t leave us mate,” he said. “We’ve only got four charters to go.” In a confessional, he further expressed, “The team was making so much progression and we were doing so great. Like, what the f*ck?” He closed out by telling Max, “Maybe … you’ll change your mind. We’ll see.”

Below Deck Mediterranean continues Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.