Dr. Nicole Martin
Photo by: John Parra/Telemundo via Getty Images

RHOM’s Dr. Nicole Martin Mourns Late Father Miguel

One of the most divisive storylines on Real Housewives of Miami was Dr. Nicole Martin’s evolving relationship with her father, Miguel. For a long time, fans debated whether Nicole or her father was the more toxic in their relationship.

However, as it turns out, it was their clashes and appearances on camera that ironed out their relationship, according to Nicole. She said, “We are in a much better place now than we have ever been.” She further revealed her father was in the hospital at the time of the interview.

Now, Nicole has informed the public of Miguel’s tragic passing. Hopefully, Nicole feels comfort in the fact that she and Miguel were able to reconcile before this point. Our hearts go out to her and the entire family.

Nicole is “focusing on” the good with her father

On November 19, Nicole posted a series of photos with Miguel to her Instagram. She captioned the post by writing, “I haven’t been able to find the words and still can’t. Everything happened so fast and it still doesn’t seem real. Part of me is still waiting for one of your crazy phone calls.”

The caption went on, “So many things left unsaid and moments we didn’t share. Trying not to dwell on the missed moments and focusing on the improvements we made. You had a zest for life and I know you’re having a party up in heaven. Rest in peace dad. Love you.” Many fans and friends rallied behind Nicole as soon as she posted.

Guerdy Abraira commented, “I’m so happy that your last moments with him were positive and loving. That’s all that matters, the good memories. He was the life of the party.” Kiki Barth and Adriana de Moura also commented, with the former sending her prayers and the latter giving her condolences.

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