Golden Bachelor Finale Spoilers: Who Gets Gerry Turner’s Final Rose?

Gerry Turner Golden Bachelor
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Though fans won’t be getting a serving of The Golden Bachelor with their turkey and pie this week, there’s some surprising new tea about who Gerry Turner’s F1 is. It’s been a long road with a lot of heartache, and Gerry has kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout his romance journey.

The Golden Bachelor has been an exciting new addition to Bachelor Nation, and a show that stands apart from most of the franchise’s offerings. Gerry’s journey has been surprisingly genuine and heartfelt—something Bachelor Nation fans don’t get much of usually. Over the course of the season, Gerry has made many unexpected decisions, which made the season both exciting and emotional.

Though many viewers thought Gerry’s relationship with Faith Martin was sure to go the distance, Gerry shocked fans and Faith by sending her home after hometowns. Gerry was left with his final two—Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist—as he headed into fantasy suites week.

However, though he was hoping to get clarity, Gerry’s time in the fantasy suites with Leslie and Theresa appears to have left him more confused than ever. While spending time with Leslie, Gerry seemed all in, and he told her he didn’t think he could live without her. You’d think that would mean Leslie was a lock for his final rose, as Gerry even commented to the camera during his date with Theresa that he was wondering what Leslie was up to. But after his night with Theresa, Gerry seemed similarly all-in on her as well. 

This has left Gerry with a difficult decision to make, as he appears to be in love with both women and has expressed his deep feelings to both of them. So who did Gerry ultimately pick? And was it the right choice?

Who Gets Gerry Turner’s Final Rose?

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According to long-time spoiler blogger, Reality Steve, Gerry Turner’s final rose goes to Theresa. The blogger is often correct with his spoilers, so it’s very likely that his announcement is accurate.

However, this news probably comes as a huge surprise to many fans of the show. After the fantasy suites dates, Leslie seemed like the clear frontrunner. While Gerry eventually warmed up to Theresa during their date and spent a good night with her, he was still preoccupied with thoughts of Leslie. 

Of course, all the signs pointing to Leslie could be the result of deceptive editing. Bachelor Nation editors and producers go above and beyond to craft compelling and unpredictable stories. It’s not at all uncommon for them to suggest through a contestant’s “edit” that they are a frontrunner, only to pull a switcheroo at the end, when the lead gives their rose to someone else. It could be that Theresa was Gerry’s frontrunner all along, but in an effort to make the season unpredictable, producers and editors nudged viewers away from reality.

Are Gerry and Theresa Still Together?

Theresa Nist Gerry Turner
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Theresa hasn’t exactly been the most well-liked contestant this season, so it’s likely that many fans will be unhappy with Gerry’s decision. However, it’s ultimately all up to Gerry. He sees the full picture, including moments that viewers aren’t privy to. There could be more to Gerry and Theresa’s relationship than fans realize.

So, the question now is, did Gerry make the right decision?

From his own lips, Gerry has indicated that he’s still with his final rose recipient, who we now know is Theresa. “I picked the greatest woman in the world,” Gerry told local publication, IndyStar. However, there’s apparently still some uncertainty in their relationship.

With Gerry residing in Indiana and Theresa located in New Jersey, the question of where to live has always been an issue for the couple. Though Gerry told IndyStar, “I think I’ve resolved [the living situation] with my person,” he also hinted that there are still variables that need to be addressed. “We’ve had good conversation about it,” he said, “and there are a number of options, and we haven’t come to a final conclusion on that. I really like where I live. She really likes where she lives.”

Gerry does seem like he’s happy with his choice, but whether he and Theresa will work out is anyone’s guess. Their geographical distance and similar desire to remain where they are could torpedo this budding relationship. However, Both Gerry and Theresa seem very committed to ensuring that this will be the last love of their lives, so perhaps they’ll make it work. Here’s hoping they have a happy life together!