Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas
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Lisa Hochstein’s Boyfriend Jody Glidden Called Off Wedding Shortly Before Being Spotted With RHOM Star

After everything that went down with Lenny Hochstein, Lisa Hochstein needed a more grounding presence in her life. That presence appeared to come in the form of Jody Glidden.

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 viewers have seen Jody and Lisa get closer to one another. The other Housewives have dubbed Jody a saint for listening to Lisa talk about Lenny’s shortcomings all the time.

From every angle, Jody seemed like a great guy. Someone normal and safe for Lisa to be around. However, as it turns out, there might be more to Lisa’s new beau than meets the eye.

Lisa Hochstein’s new boyfriend has a secret, sordid past, allegedly

Page Six reported that multiple insiders reached out with information on Jody and his previous relationship. Reportedly, Jody and his ex-fiancée Rabia met as far back as 2017 and dated for five years. Insiders reported that Jody and Rabia “grew as a couple, fell in love with each other’s families and experienced the greatest love of [their] lives.”

The two got engaged in Paris back in 2021. Jody was also once married previously and has a 14-year-old daughter from that relationship whom Rabia helped raise. Rabia and Jody do not have children together but reportedly had seriously discussed starting a family. Rabia reportedly also spent two years renovating Jody’s house – the house viewers have seen on RHOM.

Their wedding was scheduled for September 3, 2022. However, Jody called things off a mere few days before the ceremony. Though, notably, one source reported Jody and Rabia broke up “a month before the wedding.” Many guests still allegedly made the trip to show support, perceiving the “heartbroken” status of the couple.

On the other hand, many guests canceled their trip, reportedly receiving “so much notice” of the breakup in advance. The exes were still warm toward one another amid their split. Jody reportedly met Lisa the day he got back to Miami, though, Rabia did not believe his claim. When Rabia and Jody’s daughter returned from France, he allegedly kicked them out of the house.

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