Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas
Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images

Sergio Carrallo Cries After Caroline Stanbury Has Facelift: ‘One of the Hardest Moments of My Life’

Caroline Stanbury has been coolly facing off with women for years now. It all began on Ladies of London and has continued with her current The Real Housewives of Dubai gig. But, Caroline is now equipped with a whole new face to put forward.

Caroline underwent a serious facelift sometime recently. And thank the gods of attention-seeking behavior, her husband Sergio Carrallo documented the whole experience. Time to whip out your tiniest violins, because Sergio said Caroline’s facelift was one of his life’s most burdensome challenges.

Caroline’s (completely elective) pain brought Sergio to tears

Sergio, a 29-year-old ex-soccer player, decided to film the grand unveiling of Caroline, a spry 47, after her recent transformation. He posted a montage of the whole process on Instagram.

He captioned it, “This was probably one of the hardest moments of my life. Seeing the person that you love with all your heart suffering and in pain how she was .. it was very hard. As a husband I will always support her and be here for her and as much as I was against it, she really wanted to do it.”

“So, I was there for her, supporting and helping her day to day. I am very proud of you and I just seeing how happy you are with the result, it makes me very happy. You look absolutely beautiful @carolinestanbury the only problem, now … I am the oldest in the relationship!! ??? #foreveryoung #facelift

Thank you Dr. Kim @skplasticsurgery for taking the best care of my wife. Amazing job!”

The video begins with an intro from Sergio and him “forgetting he was still recording” the first time he sees Caroline after she got out of surgery.

Then, Caroline – wrapped up like a mummy and looking miserable – made her way to the getaway car, where Sergio’s waterworks show was in full swing. “She came out,” he quivered. “I love her so much.” 

The footage then turned into a medical drama, showcasing Caroline’s eventual fluid-draining escapades and a riveting stitch-and-staple removal session. By the end, she looked very pleased and praised her plastic surgeon for his artistic scalpel work.

“My skin looks amazing. I’m very happy,” Caroline gushed after two weeks. She later added, “It’s amazing how the body heals.”  Meanwhile, Sergio, deemed it “one of the hardest moments of my life.”

What a heartbreaking tragedy.

Caroline’s on the mend

As she continues to heal, Sergio also said he was “very proud” of how Caroline handled the grueling elective cosmetic procedure that sent his very existence into a spin. Caroline made her own post on Thanksgiving showcasing the new face she’s thankful for this year.

If this was one of Sergio’s most daunting life events, I’d say he’s doing alright. Get you someone who cries over your cosmetic procedures the way Sergio cries over Caroline’s!

The first episode of Season 2 The Real Housewives of Dubai was screened at BravoCon and will premiere sometime in 2024.