Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden
Photo by Jason Koerner | Getty Images

Lisa Hochstein and Boyfriend Jody Glidden Give Update on Living Situation

Page Six opened an unexpected can of worms when they reported on Jody Glidden’s life before Lisa Hochstein. Sources reported that Jody was engaged to another woman just a short time before meeting Lisa, and Jody’s ex-fiancée didn’t believe Jody’s timeline.

Once Page Six posted the report on their Instagram, Jody, Lisa, and Lenny Hochstein must’ve sprained their thumbs with all the comments they left on the post. Somehow, the discussion spiraled into talk of Lisa’s current condo.

The Real Housewives of Miami stars made it known that Lenny and Jody were splitting the cost of Lisa’s current residence. Lenny accused Jody of living there, as well as Jody’s daughter. So, the two clarified the reason for the expenses.

So, why is Jody splitting the cost of Lisa’s place?

In Jody’s comment, he explained, “When I was growing up in Canada you could BUY a house for that monthly rental price. But like NYC, Miami rental prices are out of control. We now unfortunately rank highest inflation in the country, mainly due to a squeeze on high end real estate like the 4-5 bedroom that she needed.”

The comment went on, “Lisa looked at over 30 places and was about to choose a place over 30 minutes south of her kids’ dad’s and my place (kind of neighbors) and 60 minutes away from their school. I intervened. I don’t want to be in the car all the time or have them in the car all day long. And it’s temporary since she’s supposed to have a house coming.”

When another commenter asked why Lisa couldn’t “do something on her own,” she responded, “I thought I was helping [my ex] build the surgery center and Medspa. Now I’m starting over. But I’m about to launch [Splitwell] to help women going through divorce a little bit better.” Meanwhile, I’m still just wondering why Lisa needs up to four bedrooms.

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