Andy Cohen
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Why Andy Cohen Stopped Showing Kids’ Faces on Social Media

Watch What Happens Live host and “Bravo Daddy” Andy Cohen has built an empire around thrusting dramatically entertaining individuals’ personal lives into the public eye. However, Andy’s an actual daddy now. And, he’s made the parental decision to keep his two kids out of the limelight until they’re old enough to choose to be there.

The Bravo big shot spilled the tea on why he decided to stop flaunting his son Benjamin’s face on social media. He’s planning to pull the same move with his daughter Lucy soon, as he spilled in an interview with Today.

Andy Cohen: My kids “didn’t sign up for this”

Photo Credit: @bravoandy via Instagram

According to Andy, the last time he showed off four-year-old Ben’s face was during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in February 2022. As for one-year-old Lucy, whose face still sometimes makes an appearance on Andy’s socials, he’s leaning towards keeping her off the ‘gram too, saying, “I’m teetering towards not showing [her] anymore. I just feel funny about it.”

He made it clear that his kids aren’t him, and they didn’t sign up for the fame game. “People need to understand that my kids are not me and they didn’t sign up for this. I’m figuring it out as I go.”

Andy shared that his mom, Evelyn Cohen, has really been riding him about the issue. According to Andy, “She’s really like, ‘You have to stop. … ‘OK, you can’t show Ben anymore. When are you going to stop showing Lucy?’” 

In other parts of the interview, the proud dad couldn’t help but gush about how the love for his little ones helps him brush off the negativity on social media.

“If I go on Twitter at any given moment, it’s a battlefield about politics, or people telling me that I messed up a show completely, or that I’m this, that, or the other. But … I don’t give a f*ck what anyone’s saying about me on Twitter.”

Andy added a sweet anecdote about Ben expressing his love, which he says makes everything else seem unimportant.

“Today … I was like, ‘Ben, I love you.’ He goes, ‘However many stars there are in the sky is how much I love you.’ And I’m set. … This little boy loves me for as many stars as there are? The rest doesn’t really matter!”

Considering Andy’s banger of a baby shower before Ben was born (see: Lisa Rinna dancing on a table and ordering everyone else to do the same), it seemed like Andy’s kids were in for a wild, Housewives-heavy ride. But, it seems like Daddy Andy’s chosen to give his babies some normalcy in this very public, opinionated world.