Are Natalya and Kyle Friends After Below Deck Mediterranean?

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen developed a close, sibling-like relationship on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7. The pair were so tight that they even labeled themselves as “twin flames.” However, their friendship hit choppy waters when they were both asked back for another season. Things got so bad between this combative duo that Natalya resigned, stating that her mental health was deteriorating, and that she would never work with Kyle again.

“I feel the need to get off now. Like, I just don’t feel good in my environment,” Natalya said to Captain Sandy Yawn, who understood. Kyle wasn’t the only factor for her early departure though. Natalya’s open relationship back home was causing her stress, as was her strained working relationship with Tumi Mhlongo.

Things reached a new low though when Kyle hurled horrid insults at Natalya during an intense fight. Even though Kyle later apologized, Natalya’s mind was made up, and off she went. Their fighting has continued on post filming, making us feel like the two were beyond done, but shockingly, Kyle just posted that he and Natalya were friends again, so, is this true? Let’s dig in and unpack everything that’s been seen post-filming for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8.

Kyle and Natalya’s BravoCon Quips


Red carpet reporters recently caught up with Kyle and Natalya, as the pair were both in attendance at BravoCon. These two Below Deck stars each shared their own hot takes on the other, starting first with Kyle. When asked if he and Nat were still best friends, Kyle stressed, “absolutely not.” For her part, Natalya was a bit more verbal.

“There’s one person to blame,” she began, talking about all of the drama that we are currently watching unfold on BDM Season 8. When asked if they were friends again post filming, Natalya answered, “we are definitely not friends, and we will not be, but, yeah, I think he caused some drama intentionally, and I think he purposely tried to sabotage my season.”

Making us laugh, Tumi straight up stated that she didn’t even know who Kyle was. That said, it was very clear that Natalya and Kyle were still at odds during this very recent Bravo event.

Kyle’s Most Recent Post

Kyle Viljoen/Instagram

In the world of reality television, nothing is certain except chaos, which is why we stay entertained. Speaking of chaos, Kyle posted something just a few days ago that made our brains hurt. His post is the last thing that we were expecting, following the pair’s equally adamant stances of dislike. Basically, these two yachties are now fine.

“It has been a year in the making but time heals most wounds however, we’re just glad to being back as friends again,” Kyle began. “We both realized we were going through the thick of it at the time the season started a year ago, especially within our personal lives, but we’re so glad that we have each other to rely on, now more than ever. We’re happy to be back together and hopeful that the positive, crazy and outrageously great times are ahead,” he wrote.

Going off of Kyle’s words, he and Natalya are friends again, but does Nat agree?

Natalya’s Response to Kyle’s Post

Natalya Scudder/Instagram

At first, Natalya was not tagged in Kyle’s post. But then we remembered that Natalya had blocked Kyle, and we went to sleep. The next day, we checked again, and sure enough, Natalya had unblocked Kyle, and her tag now appeared in his post. Taking a break from posting thirst traps, Natalya even responded to Kyle in the comments section of his post.

“Life is way too short for bad vibes! Truly so happy that we are entering the new year with a clean slate. We’ve definitely experienced so many ups and downs but it’s all the ups that I will continue to hold close to my heart. The sun always shines after a storm,” Natalya penned.

When the trolls arrived, as they always do, Kyle shut them down, proving that he was serious about protecting his rekindled friendship with Natalya. Case in point, Kyle replied to a viewer who was putting down Nat, and in this, he even took accountability for the role that he played this season in their friendship’s demise. In his reply, he stressed, “I was judgemental too, trust me…We only wish we were more there for each other.”

So there you have it. Natalya and Kyle are indeed friends again following their disastrous season together on Below Deck Mediterranean. However, Natalya’s surprise comeback was just featured on the Season 8 mid-season teaser trailer. As the pair were still at odds during filming, we can likely expect to see a lot more drama taking place between the two when she returns, which is annoying, but let’s be honest, we’ll still be watching.