Signs That Kyle Viljoen Is Going To Be a Major Problem This Season


Kyle Viljoen is already stirring the pot on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8. After missing the first charter due to issues with immigration, Kyle strolled onboard just before the second charter began. Chief Stew Tumi Mhlongo named Kyle 2nd Stew, and already seems to have a soft spot for him. While Kyle is great with service, he is not the best at being professional when it comes to his fellow crew members. Kyle has already caused several issues onboard, and it seems that he will only become more chaotic as the season progresses.

Kyle Jumped At The First Opportunity to Badmouth Natalya To Tumi


Kyle managed to start drama before even stepping onboard, which is impressive even for him! Coincidentally, Kyle and Tumi ran into one another at the consulate, where they met for the first time. While Kyle and Tumi did not have any issues getting along, Kyle used the opportunity to throw his fellow stew Natalya Scudder under the bus.

Right away, Kyle told Tumi all about the issues he had with Natalya during Below Deck Med Season 7. While Kyle and Natalya did have issues during Season 7, much of it was caused by Kyle. Kyle often left much of his workload for Natalya, which understandably frustrated her. However, Kyle and Natalya ultimately left Season 7 on a positive note with one another.

It was wrong of Kyle to paint Natalya in a negative light before Tumi even had the chance to meet her. Kyle knew that Tumi would trust his word, so he should have thought his words over more carefully.

Kyle Then Went Behind Tumi’s Back To Gossip With Natalya

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Interestingly enough, Kyle could not find Natalya fast enough after stepping onboard. The two shared such a big hug, you would never even know that they had a long history of beef! Natalya did not take long to complain to Kyle about Tumi, not knowing that she had already been the subject of conversation between the two.

Kyle responded by revealing the text Tumi had sent in response to his, which suggested that she would not hesitate to fire Natalya if need be. Of course, Natalya was enraged and her hatred for Tumi grew even more. This was a messy move from Kyle, as he failed to acknowledge his original criticism of Natalya that led to Tumi’s message in the first place. Kyle also knew of the growing tension between Tumi and Natalya, but still added more fuel to the fire.

Later on, during Watch What Happens Live, Kyle claimed that he had gone to Natalya with the text in confidence. Kyle emphasized that he did not intend to start drama and that he did not expect the situation to blow up into what it did. This simply does not add up, and it seemed pretty clear that he had every intention of stirring the pot.

Kyle Continued The Drama By Telling Jessika To Watch Out For Natalya

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Kyle did not stop there, and he just could not help but bring 4th Stew Jessika Asai into the drama. Jessika previously admitted in a confessional that Natalya’s behavior toward Tumi reminded her of bullies in high school.

Jessika later went to Kyle to express her feelings on the matter, although she did not try to badmouth Natalya in any way. Kyle, however, took advantage of the opportunity and told Jessika that Natalya was someone they all needed to watch out for. This is ironic coming from Kyle, as it is starting to seem like he is who the rest of the crew should be watching out for. This was also incredibly fake, since Kyle was still acting as if he were Natalya’s friend.

The Season 8 Trailer Teases More Conflict For Kyle


The Below Deck Med Season 8 trailer teases a lot of drama, and many clues suggest that Kyle is right in the middle of it. Throughout the preview, Captain Sandy Yawn hints at one person being the common denominator of all the boat’s conflicts. This could very possibly be Kyle, who has already stirred the pot with several of his fellow crew members.

Later on in the trailer, Natalya tells Kyle that he is “a horrible human.” Kyle is shown yelling at someone multiple times throughout the trailer, who is presumed to be Natalya. After filming ended, Natalya declared that she would never be able to work with Kyle again. While we don’t know what went down between the two of them yet, it does not seem like something small.

With all things taken into account, it seems like Kyle is going to be one of the villains on Below Deck Med Season 8. He is already creating unnecessary drama, and does not appear to be loyal to anyone onboard. If Kyle does not get his act together soon, it is possible that Captain Sandy could even decide to fire him.