House of Villains Episode 7 Recap: Being Bobby Lytes

House of Villains Episode 7 recap
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E!’s House of Villains is the new gift that keeps giving, and we’ve now reached Episode 7. Producers have somehow found a way to convince the genre’s biggest villains to live and compete in the same house for a couple hundred thousand dollars, and it’s been everything and more. Of course, when you mix these vibrant personalities with a massive pot of gold, there’s bound to be drama. In addition to the few episodes viewers got of an unhinged Tiffany Pollard, they’ve also witnessed the birth of a new reality TV feud — Omarosa vs. Bad Girls Club alum Tanisha. But has it turned into more than just snarky banter for entertainment’s sake? We’re about to find out. Here’s everything that went down in House of Villains Episode 7: “Pride Cometh Before The Fall.” 

Who is the supervillain of the week in HOV Episode 7?  

House of Villains Episode 7 recap
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Bobby was named supervillain of the week in House of Villains Episode 7.

Let’s start by saying the entire concept of this show is chaotic, and that’s why it works. The competitions are becoming more and more strategic, leaving some more physical players like Bananas and Shake to play a little harder. 

This week’s competition is called “Power Trip,” and the only way your favorite villain can win power is if it’s given to them. To begin, there are seven balls — six blue and one red. The first person to grab the red ball must be handcuffed to a briefcase before passing it off to the next villain, who must repeat the process. 

Ultimately, the last castmember to receive the briefcase wins whatever is inside. Is it power or a game-changing consequence? Nobody knows. So, players like Anfisa and Omarosa are scheming with Bobby to determine the best way to eliminate their co-stars: Shake, Bananas, Tanisha, and Fairplay. 

After running around the house and conversing about who should have the honor, the players decided it was time for Fairplay to win his first daily competition. Even though he’s considered one of the kings of Survivor, he’s never had the power to himself. Consequently, when he was the last to receive the briefcase, he was excited as hell that he could finally taste victory. However, when he opened the briefcase and found out the power actually didn’t belong to him, man, did he put on a show. Well, he tried to, at least. 

Fairplay’s reward was actually not much of a reward at all. He was tasked with choosing this week’s supervillain of the week. Would it be Omarosa for a third time? Or could Shake finally get a chance to switch up the house’s dynamics? Perhaps Bananas needs to be back in charge. But all in all, after throwing his tantrum and cussing out the producers for tricking him, he chose the one and only Bobby Lytes. 

Get ready for madness.

Who was nominated to the Hit List in House of Villains Episode 7? 

House of Villains Episode 7 recap
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Shake, Bananas, and Bobby were nominated to the Hit List in House of Villains Episode 7.

After a few days of more turmoil between nomination ceremonies, the time arrived for the following three villains to be placed on the hit list. As you know, the three chosen are at risk of elimination during the next banishment ceremony. 

The energy in the house has been a little wild since the deal Fairplay made with Bobby for giving him this week’s power, which was that he could control the nominations. Of course, it’s Bobby he made a deal with. So, expecting him to be honest — in a game full of villains was less than smart — unless it was all part of his plan.


Shake Chatterjee
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There should be no surprise why Shake is the first one up for elimination. Outside of his poor fashion sense (Bobby’s words, not mine), he’s the safe option. He’s ruffled everybody’s feathers, including the supervillain of the week, and the only reason he’s made it so far is luck. And considering how he’s escaped elimination every time, there’s a chance he may slide all the way until the end. 


Johnny Bananas
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It’s not The Challenge, Johnny — and you can’t manipulate everybody into playing the game you want.

Although Bananas threatened Bobby by saying he’d come for Fairplay if he nominated him, Bobby did it anyway. But if you thought Fairplay and Bananas could run him in this house, you’d better think again.

“You’re a fraud sitting on a throne, [and] you’re a fraud in this game,” Johnny said to Bobby.


Bobby Lytes
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Yep. You’re reading that right. Bobby sacrificed his own game by throwing himself on the chopping block. Why? Literally, nobody knows. But if his plan is to come out unscathed, he better fight like hell during next week’s redemption challenge — because only one will win. 

That’s it for this week’s recap. Be sure to stop back next week for another run-down of E!’s House of Villains, airing on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.