Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador at BravoCon 2023
Photo by Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

Tamra Judge Reveals She’s Not in a Good Place With Shannon Beador

It’s hard to say whether Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 was everything Tamra Judge hoped it would be. Her reality TV comeback was promoted heavily by Bravo. But in the end, it seemed Tamra’s return was outshined by the debut of her friend, Jennifer Pedranti.

As that relationship turned rocky, at least Tamra had familiar faces to help her ease back into the show, like Shannon Beador. Making up two-thirds of the famous Tres Amigas, Tamra and Shannon have been through quite a bit together.

In the wake of Shannon’s DUI arrest, Tamra was there – willing to drop almost everything to help her friend. Now, however, things may have gone south for this friendship as well.

Shannon Beador is on Tamra Judge’s “Naughty list”

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Tamra discussed her current relationship with Shannon, acknowledging that their relationship has always had ups and downs. “It’s been one of those things since I’ve known her,” she said. “Not that she’s naughty, but, as of right now, she’s really the only one that I’m not talking to.”

Tamra said Shannon was on her “naughty list,” meanwhile, “everybody else” was on her “nice list.” When asked what happened, Tamra explained, “We had a falling out.” When asked for more details, she went on, “I’m not gonna say. But I’m not very happy with her right now … We had a disagreement before Thanksgiving and I have not spoken to her since then.”

Shannon wouldn’t divulge the cause of the argument. When asked if she’d explain further, she simply replied, “No.” Potentially more interesting than Tamra’s spat with Shannon is the fact she said she was talking to everyone else on the Orange County cast. Could it be that she’s truly on good terms with Jennifer, for example? Only time will tell.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is streaming on Peacock.