Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 5 Recap: Resurrection Rejection

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 5 recap
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It was time for the phoenix to rise on Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 5! Quad had been MIA, but was now back and trying to make peace with the group. But not everyone was ready to accept her back into the fold. Heavenly and Sweet Tea still had their issues regarding Sweet Tea taking Heavenly off the wedding guest list for telling everyone she didn’t think they were ready to get married. With a little intrigue, mystery, and suspense, Phaedra tried to bring the group together once again. Here’s everything that went down on Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 5: “Resurrection Rejection.”

Heavenly and Quad make amends

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It was the day after the wedding and Quad wanted the tea. Phaedra came over to Quad’s house and filled her in on the wrinkly drapes and lack of ice sculptures. Quad mused her wedding to Dr. G at the Four Seasons had straight drapes for days. Then Heavenly showed up to join in on the action. She dished she had been invited to the ceremony but her name was scratched off the list once she arrived. Heavenly didn’t understand why, and conveniently forgot about all the doom and gloom she spread about how Sweet Tea and Dr. G weren’t ready to get married yet.

The real topic of conversation was about Heavenly and Quad’s friendship. Quad felt Heavenly wasn’t loyal because she was out posting pictures of herself with Sweet Tea. It wasn’t a good look to run around town posting pics with your friend’s ex-husband’s new fiancée. Heavenly said she wasn’t being malicious and apologized. After a little pushing, Quad also admitted she could have done better in communicating with the group. All was forgiven, but in her confessional Heavenly joked that Quad better not f*ck it up. 

Forever student syndrome 

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Dr. Jackie had another visit with a preggers Da Brat and her wife Judy. Judy informed Jackie that Da Brat wasn’t taking a break, which prompted Da Brat to jokingly call her a snitch since she also tattled on her love of eating Wendy’s. Jackie was concerned because she was not only high-risk due to her age but due to her race as well. It was time for her to slow down, and if she needed to work there were always TikTok videos she could produce at home. In touching moment, Da Brat teared up to the sound of her babies heart. 

Dr. Simone met with her husband Cecil to talk about their grown babies. She wanted 26 year old Miles to finish college ASAP and cure his forever student syndrome. However, Cecil was ok with letting him take his time. At the end of the day, Simone wanted Cecil to talk to her first before talking with the boys. She was none to happy that Cecil had suggested Miles do a summer internship instead of classes. Simone joked that the boys were slow to advance in school just as Cecil was slow to propose to her. Cecil admitted he tried to push that date as far as possible! 

The peacemaker

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Phaedra was in her best Elvira patent leather trench as she set off with her butler Benji to deliver invitations to the ladies. Quad had told her she felt like she was being buried alive, so Phaedra decided to do a resurrection and rebirth event for her. Benji played up Phaedra’s flair for the dramatics, and walked open to the door and said, “You may open the briefcase.” All that was missing was a mysterious glowing light a la Pulp Fiction. Everyone took the invitation immediately except for Heavenly, who shut her door right in Benji’s face. 

Sweet Tea just got back from her honeymoon with Dr. G, so Toya decided to have a shot bar party for her. Simone wondered where the tequila was as the ladies sat down for their vitamin B boost. Sweet Tea shared they didn’t have sex until day three of the honeymoon because of her irregular period. Simone was one step away from putting Sweet Tea’s feet in stirrups. She advised her to destress if she wanted to get pregnant soon.

Sweet Tea then saw Phaedra’s invite and announced she didn’t get one. Simone wondered if that was because the event was going to be all about Quad. Toya shot that down and asked why would Phaedra invite her then. Sweet Tea rightfully guessed that Phaedra was trying to play peacemaker with the group. However, with Toya’s reaction that would be a hard task to carryout. 

Sweet Tea crashed Phaedra’s event

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Sweet Tea did not receive an invite to Phaedra’s resurrection event, but that did not stop her from going. She hitched a ride over with Toya and Simone. Toya wondered if Heavenly was going to approach Sweet Tea about retracting her wedding invite. Sweet Tea half joking half seriously said that if she started swinging she would need one of the ladies to hold her back. 

The ladies arrived at the funeral home and Heavenly was about to pass out. She did not want to be around any dead people, let alone a dead tooth! At least Phaedra would provide everyone with a top notch funeral program.

The ladies sat down and Phaedra walked down the aisle in a black dress and veil, prompting Toya to observe she looked like the black widow. Phaedra told the story of the phoenix who had risen. Sometimes they disappear, but they come back stronger than ever. Then, a casket got wheeled down the aisle and was slowly opened. Who was inside?

The phoenix has risen

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Pointy toed pumps peaked out of the casket as everyone awaited to see who it was. Quad then jumped out and began a one woman show for the ages. She had risen, and now wanted to bury the pettiness within the group. Jackie noted a simple text message would have done just fine. What was not buried was the animosity between Sweet Tea and Heavenly. Things got heated when Heavenly pulled a Mary Cosby and called Sweet Tea the dreaded “little girl.” 

Simone was willing to move on if Quad saw them as equals. Toya wasn’t having any of it so Quad skipped right on by. Phaedra had hoped Quad was going to take accountability and apologize but that bit wasn’t part of the show. It was now time for an intermission, and everyone went to grab some food. Phaedra told the group if you had anything else to say, it was speak now or forever hold your peace. 

Sweet Tea wasn’t happy with Phaedra for bringing Quad to her bachelor party, but things were fine between her and Quad. Toya said she wanted Quad not to say malicious things about her family. The two got into an argument again and Phaedra had to break it up. Quad brought it back to the group and said they all busted their butts and had humble beginnings. To which Heavenly replied that Sweet Tea was just getting started and hadn’t done much yet. Ouch!

Quad didn’t want to let the mouse go and brought it back to herself. On their way out Jackie noted the topic was about as dead as the bodies in the funeral home. Heavenly added that Quad might as well go back into the casket and close the lid. And with that we had another night to remember with the MTM crew!

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