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Alexia Nepola Says Son Frankie Has “Increased Interaction” Amid New Treatment

In 2011, Alexia Nepola’s son Frankie Rosello was left with severe brain damage following a near-fatal car accident. Frankie was just 13 years old at the time. Real Housewives of Miami viewers got to see Alexia and her family’s immediate reaction to the accident.

That is, until RHOM was cancelled. So, when the show was revived in 2021, Alexia was ecstatic that fans would be able to see how her son was doing. Viewers found that Frankie was one of the most uplifting parts of the show, with a positive energy perhaps unmatched anywhere else on Bravo.

Since Season 5, Frankie has grown more independent than even Alexia expected. As part of RHOM Season 6, viewers have received a glimpse into Frankie’s treatment process, and Alexia’s emotional response.

Alexia sees a future “full of hope” for Frankie and Peter

 On Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 5, viewers followed Alexia and Frankie to the Casa Privee Medical Center where Dr. Bankole Johnson dropped some amazing news before Frankie’s treatment. Frankie’s treatment expert, Dr. Johnson shared that Frankie was making encouraging progress despite being only halfway done with his treatment plan.

From there, he underwent his next treatment of experimental hyperbaric oxygen therapy. While Frankie was resting, his mom had the opportunity to chat with her other son, Peter Rosello. In a confessional, Alexia shared how difficult it was for her and Peter following Frankie’s accident. According to Alexia’s report, Peter contemplated suicide amid Frankie’s accident.

As such, Alexia felt she had to save both of her sons. As she and Peter sat together in the medical center, they both expressed how Frankie made their lives so much better. Peter remarked that any time he saw his brother, anger and irritation just faded away. Alexia told the cameras that she was “full of hope” with Frankie’s latest developments.

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