Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 Recap: Heartfelt Hymns and Hidden Homophobia?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 recap
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This week, Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 came out swinging with both charming wholesomeness and heavy drama. This week’s episode, “Farmer of the Opera,” picked up mere seconds after where the last episode left off, with the girls all prepped for Julia’s “F*ck Cancer” party. Well, except for Lisa, who called her co-stars to tell them the police were holding her up. Nevertheless, the show had to go on, and it was time for Julia to perform. And what of Guerdy and Larsa’s new beef? Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 answers all.

Julia surprises Martina with her opera number

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 recap
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With the “F*ck Cancer” party underway, Lisa FaceTimed Larsa to let her know that she’d called the police on Lenny and his mother. She confirmed that she was all right and that she’d be there soon enough. Unfortunately, she’d have to miss the beginning of the program, but one less audience member may have made Julia a bit less nervous.

Weeks of practice were about to pay off, but Julia was nearly sweating through her gloves. Adriana got to flex her piano skills before Julia surprised Martina by heading up on stage. “Julia’s singing?” Martina asked. “No, that can’t be.” But it was! While shaky, Julia performed quite well, especially for never having sung before.

More important than the skill, of course, was the sentiment. At the song’s end, Martina made a bowing motion toward Julia and the two embraced. Julia wasn’t entirely satisfied with the quality of her performance, but that was just fine, because, as she put it, “Seeing her smile means everything to me.”

Julia then got the chance to explain that she missed Martina’s last cancer treatment because she was practicing her music. Julia previously cried over her unintended absence, so it must’ve been cathartic to finally give the reason. “I’m so happy,” Martina said after the two shared a kiss.

Did Lenny make Lisa late for opera night?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 recap
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Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun, games, and romantic displays at the party. Lisa arrived in the middle of Julia’s performance, giving her a big hug after the fact, but soon needed to decompress. She headed inside with Alexia and Larsa, sobbing in disbelief.

Lisa explained that Lenny burst into her room as she was getting ready for the party. From there, Lenny’s mom allegedly started trash-talking her, saying she never liked Lisa. By Lisa’s account, her son was standing in earshot. She threatened to call the police, making good on that threat soon enough.

Reports still vary as to what truly happened that night. Many outlets reported that Lisa had pushed Lenny, but in the end, police didn’t find enough evidence to charge either of them with anything. In any case, Lisa was distraught. Larsa and Alexia reminded her of her upcoming house shopping trip, encouraging her to “get out of the house.”  

Larsa explains why she shared Guerdy’s diagnosis

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 recap
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As the night wound down, the group sat together for a chat. Nicole noted that Guerdy seemed upset. Guerdy tried to say she was “Zen at this point, honestly,” but something was visibly eating her (it was Larsa). Larsa, pretty pre-emptively, insisted that Guerdy “never told [her] not to tell anyone,” but considering Larsa’s joke about telling TMZ, that was demonstrably false.

So, Larsa changed her narrative (again. Big surprise). Larsa insisted she was trying to do Guerdy “a favor,” telling the girls to get them to rally around her. “I told them from a place of love,” Larsa insisted. Guerdy (pretty rightfully) called Larsa a “pathological liar.”

Unfortunately, some of the girls bought Larsa’s narrative; Lisa wanted to believe that Larsa only had the best intentions. But just as Guerdy said, if Lisa was in her position, she wouldn’t tolerate it. Alone with the camera, Guerdy said Larsa couldn’t find “a good place” with a GPS, nor if one “if it freakin’ hit you in the ass.” Guerdy then accused Lisa of encouraging Larsa to continue the back-and-forth by buying into Larsa’s alleged motives.

Nicole also interrogated Larsa and Guerdy about the “test” narrative. Guerdy explained she was testing Larsa with the information to see if they could build the trust necessary to reclaim their friendship. It had nothing to do with Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis being fake, as Larsa had presumed. Eventually, Larsa folded and walked away.

The party officially ended after Martina got up to say a few heartfelt words about Julia.

Lisa goes house hunting (out of budget)

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6
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The next day, Lisa went house hunting with Adriana and Larsa. Lisa was glad to downsize, claiming she once told Lenny that a bigger house meant bigger problems. The three looked over a $6.9 million condo that Lisa loved. But here’s a question: is it perhaps too humble? Larsa, in a surprising lapse of coherence, tried to encourage Lisa to be more conservative.

After shopping, the three got to talking, and Adriana tried to explain why Guerdy was mad at both of them. Larsa again jumped to defend by saying, “She was gonna tell the girls anyway.” In a confessional, Adriana summed up just about everyone’s thoughts: “No girl. No girl. Larsa’s making this about herself instead of … putting herself in Guerdy’s shoes.”

Lisa then invited her friends to Palm Beach as part of a home-scenting line she created and would be promoting. When Larsa asked if she could invite Marcus, Lisa iterated that it would be a girls’ trip.

Alexia and Julia’s budding friendship

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 recap
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Elsewhere, Nicole, Julia, and Alexia met up at a sunflower field, trying to avoid bees as they picked their flowers. The three discussed Nicole’s chances of a second child, and she explained that, after her latest treatment, she was just waiting for her next period. From there, they would see if pregnancy was on the table.

Lisa called to invite the trio to Palm Beach. They were excited, but Alexia asked that Lisa promise not to talk about Lenny while on vacation. Lisa assured her friends, “I’m over it.”

Alexia then encouraged Julia to join her on a shopping trip ahead of the vacation. Julia was excited, also suggesting that she and share a room. Alexia said she’d need to “ask Todd for permission,” and the group laughed. More on this later.

Does Larsa owe Guerdy an apology?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6
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Meanwhile, Kiki, Marysol, and Guerdy got together for drinks. Kiki, almost entirely unprompted, shared that she had sex just before meeting up with her friends. She turned her filter off, and Marysol and Guerdy agreed they could do without the detail.

Guerdy then informed her friends about the opera night. Marysol explained she couldn’t attend due to her procedure, but Kiki was openly skeptical, wondering if the issue was more Adriana. When Kiki asked where the procedure took place, Marysol said it was none of her business.

From there, the discussion moved to Larsa, with Guerdy saying she was owed an apology. Kiki, in all fairness, then asked if she would truly accept an apology from Lisa. So, Guerdy, in her most based headspace ever, said she wouldn’t accept apologies with phrases like “if I hurt you,” “you put me in a bad position,” or “I was concerned about you.”

Kiki agreed that Guerdy was owed an apology, knowing how Larsa would react if the shoe was on the other foot.

Preparations for Palm Beach!

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6
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Julia and Alexia later took their aforementioned shopping trip. Julia brought up the possibility of rooming together once more. Alexia deflected a bit, saying they hadn’t talked to Adriana or Marysol yet. Alexia then said once more that she’d need to talk to Todd first as well, which Julia found suspect. Again, more on this later.

The day of the trip arrived soon enough with the ladies meeting up at Jody’s place. The group discussed their plans to ensure good vibes. Guerdy and Larsa appeared to have an unspoken contract with one another – stay on opposite sides of any given room.

Julia showed up with the results of her shopping trip which Nicole described as “if Gone With the Wind and The Kentucky Derby had a baby.” From there, the girls set off, driving their way to Palm Beach. Marysol made it clear right off the bat that she did not like the vibes in Lenny and Lisa’s shared car, wondering if she was sitting in “Austrian splooge.”

If Lisa wants Jody, she has to shut up about Lenny

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6
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Lisa, Marysol, and Guerdy shared the car, and with the mention of Lenny’s name, Lisa told Marysol about everything that happened on opera night. While the other cars were filled with song, tensions began rising in Lisa’s car.

At first, Lisa was just expressing how happy she was to have found Jody. But from there, Marysol wanted to offer Lisa a warning. “People will lose their patience one day. So, what are we doing about reeling in the Lenny convos? … He’s okay about it now, but one day, he’ll get tired.” Guerdy voiced her full agreement from the backseat.

“There’s only so much he can take,” Guerdy explained. She further said that even Russell, the most patient man in her world, would not tolerate nonstop talk of an ex-boyfriend. Marysol also warned that it might seem like Lisa would be taking advantage of Jody’s patience.

All Lisa could say was that she felt the conversation was “very negative.” Lisa maintained her stance; she told the cameras it was only natural to tell a partner everything she was thinking.

Julia implies Alexia was homophobic

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 6 recap
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The girls arrived at their new digs for the next few days, racing to claim their rooms. On the way to the residence, Alexia told Julia they wouldn’t be sharing a room together, and Julia wondered if Alexia needed Todd’s permission to share a room with Marysol.

The thought still ruminated within her, so, she shared it with Adriana, noting that Alexia had said on two occasions that she needed Todd’s permission. “Is it because I’m a lesbian?” Julia wondered aloud. “She’s implying that gay people can’t control themselves?” Adriana called Alexia’s words distasteful.

Julia questioned whether she could have a good time on the trip, or a friendship with Alexia if she was going to behave like that. From an outside perspective, it seemed that Alexia was just fishing for an excuse because she wanted to room with Marysol, using Todd as her patsy. However, perhaps Julia’s accusations have more ground than it seems.

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