House of Villains Episode 8 Recap: What Goes Around Comes Around

House of Villains Episode 8 recap
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House of Villains is back with another captivating episode, and yes, it’s just as good as before. Let’s get right into it. During Episode 8, “Three Villains Walk Into a Bar … Ouch,” Bobby Lytes fights for his life in the house despite winning the Supervillain of the Week power. With that, he had to place three villains on The Hit List. Dramatically, he chose The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas, and Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee to sit on the chopping block. And, in a shocking turn of events, he named himself the third nominee. Does he have as much control over the house as he thinks? Let’s find out. Here’s everything that went down in House of Villains Episode 8.

Who is the Supervillain of the week?

Bobby Lytes for House of Villains
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Since he won the power in the previous episode, Bobby still holds it during this week’s ceremonies. However, because he chose to nominate himself, hoping it would draw a line in the sand between him and Bananas, he’s at everybody else’s mercy. Although his move was shocking, the downside is that his future relies on Bananas’ allies, including Tanisha and Fairplay.

Who won the redemption challenge in House of Villains Episode 8?

Johnny Bananas for House of Villains
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Johnny’s witty personality served him well during this week’s redemption challenge because this week’s nominated contestants were tasked with creating funny captions of images throughout the season. In the end, the remaining villains would vote on the ones they believed were the most amusing. Despite Shake and Bobby’s shared efforts, the grip Bananas has over his co-stars is real because he won with flying colors.

Who went home on House of Villains Episode 8?

House of Villains Episode 8 recap
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After losing the redemption challenge, Bobby’s reality began to set in. Even though he was the week’s Supervillain of the Week, he let his pride get in the way, ultimately leading to his eviction and ending his journey towards $200,000. Hasn’t he watched these shows before? Like always, never mess with The Banana Man — he almost always comes out on top.

Who remains in the House of Villains?

House of Villains Episode 8 recap
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  • Tanisha
  • Omarosa
  • Anfisa
  • Shake
  • Johnny Bananas
  • Jonny Fairplay

That’s it for House of Villains Episode 8. Be sure to tune in to MTV next Thursday at 10 p.m.