Why Kody Brown’s Coyote Pass Might Have To Be Sold

Kody Brown
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For years, Kody Brown has been serving up a piping-hot dream of polygamy that has gone quite cold after losing three wives due to his lack of personality. The father of 18 forced his Sister Wives family to move from their comfy cul-de-sac in Las Vegas to four spread-out homes in Flagstaff, Arizona, on a whim.

It never felt as if any of the women wanted to move to Arizona, with the exception of Robyn Brown. However, all were promised space on Coyote Pass, land that the Browns bought to build their mecca. The plural family splashed out $820,000 only to risk losing their property very soon. 

 The Dream of Coyote Pass

Sister Wives
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The original inspiration behind Coyote Pass was a mix between their hold plural home in Lehi, Utah, and Las Vegas. Kody knew he was losing control of his marriages and offered up a plan to build one big home on their multi-parcel acreage. However, none of his wives wanted to live under the same roof. The land was purchased in 2018, with the initial plan being that each wife build their own home.

Kody dropped a bomb, noting that he wanted his own space, too, and would be building his own cabin. The arguing started pretty quickly as each wife vied for a prime position on the land. Meri Brown was set back in the trees, Janelle Brown had access to the pond, and Christine became jaded by the dream. 

Do the Browns Own Coyote Pass?

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The family has yet to build and actually owes money. Together, the family owned 14 acres, with Kody explaining during an episode that the size of each parcel didn’t matter because each was appraised at the same value. However, when Christine Brown left the family, she sold her parcel back to Kody for just $10. The Sun then reported in June that Janelle and Kody had paid off two parcels of Coyote Pass for the amount of $340,000, even though they split in January 2023.

There Is Trouble in Coyote Pass Paradise

Kody Brown

You can imagine how Sister Wives fans were surprised to learn that even though Janelle and Kody have paid off their and Robyn’s parcel, the family is still at risk of losing the land. As the Thanksgiving holiday approached, In Touch reported that Kody was behind $4,858.73 in property taxes owed. The 54-year-old is listed as the owner of five parcels. As of November 1, Robyn and Kody are listed as owners of three of those five parcels. 

It turns out that there is still money owed on the land. You would think by now Kody would have figured out some financial plan, but nope. According to the outlet, Kody owes  $539.24, $890.15, and $1,292.42 in late property taxes. Even more surprisingly, Meri and Janelle are listed as owners on the fourth parcel with a balance of $1,246.77. And the fifth parcel has an overdue amount of $890.15, with Kody and Janelle listed as the owners. 

Kody Might Need To Sell

Kody Brown Sister Wives

Kody only has a limited time to pay off his entire bill or risk losing the land. Kody is drowning in financial issues, and if he doesn’t figure out how to pay the massive bill, he risks defaulting on his mortgage. The patriarch doesn’t seem to have a head for numbers, with a recent episode showing that he was unwilling to include Meri in the land division. The proposed agreement noted that Kody would take four acres, Janelle would take four acres, and Meri would only receive two.

 The mother of one quickly called out the hypocrisy, stating, “I don’t think that’s fair. Because regardless of the fact that he and I haven’t had a relationship for, you know, eight or ten years… I’m still part of the family, and I still financially put into it. And so I deserve to have some of the property and not just what he decides I’m worthy of.” Now that we know Meri has also left the marriage, it becomes clear that Kody will also have to buy her out and pay off the debt. It is very hard to see a world where Kody might actually come out unscathed.