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Southern Hospitality Season 2: Mia Alario Fights ‘Hypocrite’ Boss Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte is determined to get her team at Republic Garden & Bar under control. After a debut season of cast members bending the rules, most specifically, the one that prohibits drinking while on shift, the Southern Hospitality boss wants to do things differently this time.

And unfortunately, it was single mother Lucía Peña that was made an example of. She was caught taking a swig while at work and was fired as a result. However, she returns to Republic to speak to Leva in person during the Season 2 premiere. Mia Alario tries to speak on her behalf as well. It all went a little sideways though.

Southern Hospitality Season 2: Mia “doesn’t get” Leva’s decision

“You were looking for an apology from Lucía for drinking on the job?” Mia asked her boss after Leva walked in on a conversation between Mia and VIP manager Maddi Reese.

The Southern Charm star explained that an apology from Lucía for disrespecting her place of business, “would personally mean a lot.” Leva felt that the single mother was indebted to her after she was brought “back” post-maternity leave. That statement fired Mia up.

“[You brought her back] after having a baby? After maternity leave, basically what normal companies do for women?” Mia questioned.

It’s a worthwhile point. One which Leva can’t exactly respond to except become indignant and say, “What are you doing, Mia?”

“I’m upset,” the finance professional answered. As the conversation gets more heated, Mia broached “the hypocrisy you are showing as a boss.”

“What are you talking about? If you are back of the house and you are drinking, [that’s an] immediate fire,” Leva retorted. “That’s the rule. Have you ever read your manual? If you drink back here, you’re done.”

Perhaps this has to do with the rule breaks last season. Also, it’s worth noting that Maddi leaves in the middle of work later in the episode to confront her cheating boyfriend. She retains her job despite a presumed rule that prohibits leaving mid-shift.

Mia doesn’t “understand” Leva’s point of view. “I don’t get it,” Mia said of not being able to “understand” Leva’s point of view. To which her manager responded, “I don’t need you to get it.”

“Employees have drank here so many times,” Mia pointed out.

Leva was forced to ask, “OK, so who did I keep in here who is drinking back there?” 

Mia named herself as one example. To which Leva promptly fired her. It’s admirable for Mia to stand up for her friend. Even if she really didn’t need the job at Republic Garden & Bar.

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