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House of Villains Winner ‘Can’t Believe’ They Beat Johnny Bananas

Bad Girls Club alum turned House of Villains winner Tanisha Thomas has a lot of big plans to celebrate being $200,000 richer. The first is a trip to Jamaica, where she plans on recharging and setting intentions for the new year — specifically launching her podcast. Additionally, she wants to take her son, Aiden, to Disney to hang with Mickey Mouse at his clubhouse. 

Blessing her family during this time of year has to feel special. Luckily for Tanisha, she earned it. Since being crowned the winner during the December 2023 episode, Tanisha spoke with The Messenger about how it feels to be reality TV’s greatest supervillain. 

“It feels great,” she said. “It’s been a long time coming. I had a lot of fun filming this show. I recognize most people would not see me as a villain — at least not my fans. They know I’m really a sweetheart at my core. However, I feel like it was so great to show that there’s so many facets … like, I could be a villain, I could be a sweetheart. It really depends on the day and the circumstance. And I won being true to myself, being real and honest and loving and caring, and to have my fellow villains vote for me in the end was super dope.” 

Tanisha on Anfisa’s tie-breaking vote and her friendship with Bananas

(Photo by: Casey Durkin/E! Entertainment)

During the finale episode, the final two contestants came down to Johnny Bananas and Tanisha. Previous cast members, including New York, Jax Taylor, and Omarosa, returned, joining Shake Chatterjee and Jonny Fairplay to vote for who they thought should win. When the vote became tied three to three between Bananas and Tanisha, Anfisa Arkhipchenko (who received zero) had to break the tie. “Bananas, we have had a lot of fun moments,” she began. “I hope I will never hear any of your dumb jokes again. Tanisha, my vote is for you.”  

That moment alone changed Tanisha’s life. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I really thought that Anfisa was going to vote for Johnny Bananas because definitely leading up to the finale, they were getting pretty close. So, it was amazing to have her vote for me at the end. I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it, and it’s months later going back a bit in the season.” 

Even though some people feel Bananas carried Tanisha to the end, the reality star is confident she would’ve won alone. Plus, they’ve built a bond that seems stronger than ever. “Bananas definitely… If it was not for him, I don’t know if I would have made it to the finals. I mean, I didn’t really win a challenge. But ultimately, I think I won.” 

“I love you, Bananas. You already know how it goes, and it could be a little karma for what you did to that young lady on MTV. I don’t know. But here’s the deal: it’s not karma because what we have is priceless. So it’s all good. I can have something special for him for sure.”