Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9 Recap: A Mother’s Day Dinner In Hell

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9 recap
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This week, why not cuddle up by the fire between holidays with The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9, titled “Mamacita Madness Part 1.” This week, things became explosive during Nicole’s attempt at a Mother’s Day party for the girls. And speaking of parentage, it’s all anyone can talk about. Nicole’s dad wants two more kids, the Housewives expressed concern for Lisa and her children, and, this week, Guerdy has an important chat with her little ones. All of this and more on RHOM Season 6, Episode 9.

Alexia’s being kicked out of her house

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9
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This week opened with Alexia shouting at Nicole: “On Mother’s Day, you’re doing something like this?” she asked. “It’s really pathetic.” The arguing intensified until rewinding to 72 hours earlier. What might’ve happened? Did Nicole insult Alexia’s parenting?

Well, regarding Alexia’s parenting, she met up with her sons, Peter and Frankie, at a furniture store near Peter’s new place. But as it turned out, Peter wasn’t the only one who was about to move out. When Frankie asked how renting was different from buying, she explained she and Todd had to move out because they had been renting.

After six years of renting, Alexia’s apartment owner unexpectedly sold the place. Alexia maintained her cool around her kids, but she seemed surprised. She told Peter her concern about being in an apartment rather than a house; she felt Frankie was safer in a complex with lots of neighbors.

That’s when Alexia said they had to be out of the apartment in 15 days. “I’m more worried for your move now than mine,” Peter told her.

Adriana has an informant on Alexia

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9 recap
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Elsewhere, Julia was sprucing up her farm. Longtime viewers know of Julia’s farming hobby. It became a source of financial stress between Julia and Martina (even though Martina has never funded the hobby). Julia emphasized that she didn’t want the farm to be a burden on her wife, so, it was time to start selling some animals. Martina’s got enough to worry about, like being messy on social media.

Adriana came to visit as Julia was transporting some goats to their new owners. While driving, Julia and Adriana discussed the dinner at Palm Beach, where Julia felt the girls had ganged up on Lisa. She especially didn’t care for how Alexia tried to offer relationship advice.

And on that point, Adriana had some tea regarding Alexia and Todd. Julia wasn’t much in the mood for rumors and was beyond skeptical when Adriana said she heard the two were having financial issues. The name of the tea spiller? Ana Quincoces, former Miami Housewife. Ana reached out to Adriana last season.

Recently, Ana told the friend of the Housewives that Alexia and Todd would have to move out of their apartment. Julia didn’t buy it one bit, and moreover, she felt very bad gossiping about Alexia. Unfortunately for Julia, it was more true than she could know.

Has Lisa been selfish toward Jody?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9
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That evening, Lisa caught up with one of the best things in her life – Jody. The beau prepared an outdoor dinner for two outside his house. With all the scrutiny Lisa received in Palm Beach, Jody wanted to do something nice for his girlfriend.

Moreover, Jody was quite shocked that the girls were talking about his finances behind his back (of course, they were just expressing concern for Lisa). Jody admitted that coming into Lisa’s world could be a lot and he wished Lisa would check in on him a little more. “It’s a lot right now,” he said.

Indeed, every time more news came out about Lisa and Lenny, the Housewife would always turn to Jody to air her grievances. Lisa wasn’t used to such open communication from a partner, but she took it rather well. “I definitely need to check in on you more,” she admitted. She apologized and said she would do better. Now, let’s see if she can actually put that plan into action…

Nicole wants to find her unknown siblings

Nicole Martin in The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6
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The next day, Nicole’s mom came to check in on her. She was still hoping to have her Mother’s Day party, even though things went south at Palm Beach. And on the topic of motherhood, Nicole asked her mom if she’d talked to her dad recently.

Nicole explained that they’d met for lunch, and her dad told her she had two siblings she didn’t even know about. She seemed surprised by her mother’s nonchalance, though, she didn’t say that openly. In a confessional, when production asked why she wasn’t more bothered, Nicole said all the money she spent on therapy helped.

So, with her father’s conversation fresh in her brain, Nicole decided she’d do a DNA test to find the siblings she didn’t know existed. Nicole’s mom asked an important question: What does Nicole want to be to her two unknown siblings? “I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Nicole said. Her mother warned her that she was “opening Pandora’s box.”

Guerdy has a sit-down with her kids

Guerdy Abraira and Russell Abraira
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Meanwhile, Guerdy, her husband, and her kids went out to a bowling alley and arcade. Russell had suggested that Guerdy be more present with family, and it would seem she took that in stride. Despite the questionable bowling performance, they had fun.

After informing Russell that Guerdy invited his sister to the Mother’s Day dinner, she decided it would be a good time to talk. Previously, Russell told their sons, Liam and Miles, about Guerdy’s diagnosis. Now, Guerdy wanted to take the opportunity to speak for herself. Their oldest, Miles, nodded along silently, but he seemed rattled.

Guerdy turned the kids loose to play in the arcade, but even there, Miles looked off. Guerdy told the cameras that she could sense something was wrong with her sons. When Guerdy and Russell were left alone, she also seemed off.

Todd makes moving out Alexia’s problem

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9
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Alexia visited Todd at his place of work to let her know her plans to see a realtor. As they discussed, some interesting details came out. For one thing, even though Alexia was told she had to move out after coming home from Palm Beach, Todd knew they’d have to move out sooner. So, why had he not told Alexia?

Moreover, even though they had 15 more days to move out than Alexia initially thought, she was understandably still quite stressed. Todd, on the other hand, seemed cool as a cucumber. Similarly, when it came to finding a new place, Todd seemed to be putting the job squarely on Alexia’s shoulders, offering no help. He wouldn’t even tell her their price point right out of the gate.

“I just hate that you can be so calm about it,” Alexia admitted. When asked if he was stressed out, Todd said, “No, ‘cause I don’t have to do anything.” He said it as if it were a joke, but Alexia couldn’t see the humor. “It’s not that easy,” she said. “I’m gonna need your help at some point.” But Todd simply assured her she had plenty of time. Trouble in Paradise? Adriana doesn’t miss.

Larsa and Lisa talk divorce drama

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9 recap
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Before viewers could forget Larsa was also a main cast member of this show, she joined Lisa for afternoon drinks. The two discussed Lenny’s motion to try and get full custody of the kids and Lisa’s plan to have it thrown out.

Larsa began speaking about the experience of her divorce and her kids. She began tearing up and Lisa applauded her vulnerability. “I always assumed [the divorce] would be cordial,” Larsa told the cameras. Their conversation was interrupted by a reminder on Lisa’s phone to check in with Jody. She called him and told him of the reminder.

“Don’t tell him you set a reminder!” Larsa said. She found the whole situation crazy, considering Marcus is always on her mind and she’s always checking in with him. Perhaps Lisa was just trying to show her concerted effort. That said, Larsa did have a bit of a point. A broken clock is right twice a day.

Ana Quincoces is coming to dinner

Ana Quincoces in Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9
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Finally, the day had arrived – the Mother’s Day dinner. Nicole went to great lengths to ensure the event would be cordial, including hiring a poet to help the girls express themselves.

Lisa and Larsa made their way to the dinner in Lisa’s housekeeper’s car, having internalized the Housewives’ criticisms about driving Lenny’s car. Lisa teased she’d be coming in with a 25% negative attitude toward the women she thought had been especially malicious.

Kiki arrived at the party soon enough, looking at the seating arrangement, noting the names on the menu. “Who’s Ana?” she asked. That’s right. Nicole invited Ana Quincoces, saying she was very nice.

“This is probably gonna be great,” Kiki began, “Or it’s gonna be a Mother’s Day dinner in hell.” When Alexia and Marysol arrived, the former spotted Ana’s name almost immediately (her Housewife sense was tingling, no doubt).

Did Nicole invite Ana to spite Marysol?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 9 recap
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And so, we ended where we began. “You guys are something else,” Alexia said, in utter disbelief that Ana would be joining them. “You guys are really pathetic.” When producers asked Marysol who Ana was, Marysol insisted she didn’t know her.

Marysol insisted that Ana had kind feelings toward no one. “She doesn’t even like herself,” Marysol said. Back at the dinner, Nicole tried to understand what the problem was with Ana, but Alexia accused her of already knowing. Of course, the animosity from Marysol would make sense. On the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Ana’s daughter called Marysol, “the rotting corpse.”

“Why would I know this?” Nicole asked. Alexia was unconvinced that this was a mistake on Nicole’s part. She assumed Nicole orchestrated this because she was still mad at Marysol, despite the heartfelt apology given at Palm Beach. Alexia and Nicole kept shouting at one another. Nicole didn’t realize the wounds ran so deep. “I’m very disappointed in you,” Alexia said.

It’s hard to imagine Nicole, the least dramatic Housewife of all time, would ever have ill intentions. Of course, anything’s possible. As Alexia said, Nicole is “not that innocent,” and certainly isn’t dumb. But all this shouting confirmed one thing to Julia – Ana was definitely starting unfounded rumors. Oh, the irony.

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