Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10 Recap: The Mayhem of Mother’s Day

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10 recap
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New year, new drama on The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10. Ushering in 2024 is the hotly-anticipated “Mamacita Madness Part 2.” During Part 1, Nicole took the heat from Alexia and Marysol for allowing Ana Quincoces to come to the Mother’s Day meal. The two stormed out before Ana even arrived. This week, the cast confronts Ana – even Alexia and Marysol – while Guerdy undertakes the next step in her cancer battle. This and more on RHOM Season 6, Episode 10.

Marysol and Alexia storm out

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10 recap
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After Alexia and Marysol stormed out, Nicole was left baffled. Kiki explained that Ana and her daughter had said some nasty things about the two Cubanas on the Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast. Nicole said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to sit there and listen to some sh*t for 45 minutes of my day. I wish I f*cking did.”

Meanwhile, Julia ran out to try and convince Marysol and Alexia to stay. Julia had a hunch about why Ana was coming; she supposed Adriana was bringing Ana to blast Alexia for having to move out, which, as far as Julia knew, was nothing more than a rumor. Alexia, however, refused to stay; she thought it was “a setup.”

Guerdy and her sister-in-law, Jill, arrived shortly after that, with Lisa and Larsa close in tow. Lisa rolled up in her housekeeper’s car after facing heat from the girls for continuing to drive Lenny’s car. Guerdy thought Lisa was just trying to prove a point, but she was doing so in poor taste, inadvertently making fun of her housekeeper for the car she drives.

But once the cast was all gathered, Marysol explained why they were leaving. Everyone tried to get them to stay, but they refused. Marysol believed that Adriana, Nicole, and Ana hatched a plan together out of spite, and she was happy that Alexia was finally taking her side on something. Larsa asked the cameras what they were running from.

The calm before the Miami Mother’s Day storm

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10
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Those who remained went upstairs to begin lunch. Once there, Lisa revealed she had some baggage with Ana as well, who had said “heinious” and “heenious” things about her. She meant “heinous,” but in any case, Lisa supposed Ana was coming only to stir up trouble.

Everyone asked Nicole why she allowed Ana to come if she knew the history. Nicole insisted that she didn’t know the history at all. She only knew Ana as a client of Anthony’s. When asked, neither Guerdy nor Larsa knew the history either, prompting Nicole to ask, “Why the hell should I know what’s going on?”

Guerdy reminded everyone she’d be having her surgery the next day, and lamented the fact that not everyone could come together for lunch. Julia raised a glass to Guerdy, calling her “a warrior,” and everyone drank to her fighting spirit.

Once again, Lisa can’t take the heat

Lisa Hochstein
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After some more small talk, the conversation moved to Lisa’s car. “I saw the joke,” Guerdy said, but Lisa insisted it wasn’t a joke. Things turned a bit tense. Guerdy tried to say she was just looking out for Lisa, but Mrs. Hochstein was so prideful that she couldn’t see it that way.

Lisa’s attention then turned to Julia, who had brought up the concern over Lisa’s relationship with her kids. The night Lisa called the police, the ladies found it slightly odd that she still chose to come out rather than stay with her kids. The girls tried to urge Julia to apologize, but she insisted she’d done nothing malicious (which was true, IMO). Lisa walked out.

In a confessional, Nicole called her Mother’s Day meal “a motherf*cking disaster,” and back with the ladies, she encouraged everyone to write three nice things about Lisa for a poet to spin into a poem. When Lisa reentered, she apologized and read her poem aloud, crying tears of joy.

The arrival of Ana Quincoces

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10 recap
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Finally, Ana arrived alongside Adriana. She handed a gift to Nicole, then went straight to Lisa. Much to the OG’s surprise, Ana said that she was rooting for her. “F*ck Lenny,” she added. Lisa was confused and noted some apparent nervousness in Ana. “I wouldn’t be comfortable if I were her,” Lisa opined.

Immediately, the women began grilling Ana about why Marysol and Alexia might’ve left. Ana didn’t know. She admitted that her daughter had said some mean things about the duo, like calling Marysol a “rotting corpse,” but the last time she was with them, things were good. She asked why they wouldn’t confront her if there truly was a problem.

Lisa stepped out, giving Marysol a call. Meanwhile, Larsa asked the fairest question – why did Adriana bring Ana if she knew it would be a problem? Adriana responded, “You’re not the hostess,” and wouldn’t entertain the question further. Lisa told Marysol to come back, and she and Larsa would help defend her.

Kiki then left as everyone else shouted, making that the fourth storming out of the day. Nicole wished Kiki could’ve taken her along.

Back at the lunch, the shouting continued. Adriana insisted she was trying to resolve some “issue.” Larsa tried arguing and Adriana exclaimed, “You weren’t there, darling. You were in LA for 10 years kissing Kardashian’s ass.” Ana hadn’t spoken for a while, by the way.

Alexia and Marysol vs. Ana and Nicole

Lisa tried to insist that Ana had “an agenda,” but Ana denied any such thing. Alexia and Marysol soon made their way up, and no one seemed all that happy to see them. Larsa said she had a migraine from doing nothing but fighting. Alexia accused Ana of trashing the entire group and Ana shot back with, “Who did I trash?”

Ana further pushed: “Go person by person and tell me what I’ve said about them.” Weird thing for an allegedly innocent person to demand. Nicole jumped in, telling Alexia that in all the time Ana had been there, she hadn’t said a bad thing. Alexia then tried to posit that Nicole said she didn’t know Ana, and Nicole denied saying that. “Do not put words in my mouth.”

Nicole maintained her transparency and added that Ana had been nothing but pleasant to her. Alexia dug the hole deeper, dragging Nicole’s mom into the conversation, wondering why she wasn’t at the meal. With the shouting showing no sign of dying down, Guerdy left.

Adriana, rather shockingly, felt pretty proud of herself for starting “World War III … It’s kind of entertaining, I must say.” Julia was glad Ana didn’t get much of a chance to speak, but she was angry that Adriana brought her in the first place. She was even angrier that Nicole was taking the heat for Adriana’s plus one.

Nicole closed things out with a haiku: “Planned a fun party / People got very upset / F*ck my life / For real.”

Guerdy enters her first breast cancer surgery

Guerdy and Russell Abraira
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Guerdy left her house the next day at 5:18 a.m. “All right. Let’s do this.” She told the cameras she “felt numb.” As Guerdy herself explained, she’d be having a partial mastectomy. Dr. Wright introduced herself, trying to help Guerdy stay at ease. Once the doctor left the room, Guerdy called her parents.

She cried as they shared their love in both Creole and English. Her father left a prayer for Guerdy, and she felt so tormented at the prospect that her parents might lose another child. She and Russell shared a hug, and Guerdy pleaded for him to “Just be with me.” Russell insisted, “Everything’s okay.”

As much as she didn’t want to, Guerdy had to let go. Russell told her to try and relax before he had to let go too. Hours later, Nicole called Russell, wondering how things were going, but Guerdy still wasn’t out.

Julia puts her foot down with Adriana

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10
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Elsewhere, Adriana met up with Julia after the latter gave her dog a bath. Julia revealed things got steamy during the Mother’s Day after party, with Julia getting handsy and kissing Lisa right on the lips, hoping to make up with her. Adriana and Julia began eating and reviewed what happened at the party.

Adriana compared Marysol and Alexia to Bonnie and Clyde running from the police. Julia didn’t appreciate the comparison and instead chose to empathize with Alexia. She pointed out how bad it would’ve been if Ana had brought up Alexia’s finances. Julia, as Adriana’s “best friend,” said she had to criticize Adriana’s choice to try and blast Alexia.

Adriana couldn’t understand why Julia would be defending her new friend, Alexia, rather than her longtime friend. Adriana tried to implicate Nicole as well for allowing Ana to come. Julia didn’t appreciate that Nicole was taking heat for Adriana’s poor choice. As Julia tried to “play devil’s advocate,” Adriana couldn’t take it anymore. She got up to leave.

Alexia and Marysol vow to investigate Nicole

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 10 recap
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Speaking of Nicole, she checked out her new living space with Anthony, seeing how the renovations were coming along. Nicole dreamed of having two kids running around the house’s rooms and halls. That’s when the discussion moved to Mother’s Day.

On the other side of town, Marysol and Alexia were also discussing the debacle. The two were both wearing black for having survived the mournful ordeal. Anthony told Nicole that he saw Marysol and Alexia getting drinks while the lunch was going down.

Marysol called the event “a Swiss cheese party” for all the holes in the narrative. Alexia agreed, further wondering why Nicole’s mother wasn’t there. The two agreed that Nicole was being deceitful and they’d have to get to the bottom of everything that was going on.

Guerdy comes home to recover

Guerdy Abraira
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Five hours after Guerdy’s surgery, she and Russell returned home. Guerdy hugged her youngest son Liam with tears, saying, “I’m okay.” When Guerdy made it to her bedroom, she found a little display with a picture, Gatorade, snacks, and notes, set up by her kids. She gave her oldest son Miles a big hug as they expressed their love for each other.

“This is what home is all about,” she told cameras. Russell informed her son that the doctor said everything had gone excellently. However, the family would still be waiting to know if their matriarch would need chemo. Guerdy took to bed to rest, calling Russell her “everything.”

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