Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 15 Recap: Pride Goes South for Lisa and Kiki

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 15 recap
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Everyone’s favorite Floridians are back in The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 15, “Get Me Off This Gondola!” Last week, fans saw the Housewives take an emotional trip to church before enduring a tumultuous river ride, wherein Kiki got on Lisa’s back for letting her classicism show, feeding some dogs and insisting they weren’t fed well. This week, the conflict between Lisa and Kiki went on while Adriana’s musical ambitions culminated in a performance at Pride. All this and more on RHOM Season 6, Episode 15.

Julia’s emotional stop at the Island of Dolls

Julia Lemigova for RHOM Season 6
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We rejoined the Housewives in the middle of their Gondola ride, just as they were approaching the Island of the Dolls. Much to their dismay, they made a pitstop at the island. As much as they were all freaked out by it, Marysol and Adriana had to use the bathroom. Lisa and Larsa were also feeling brave enough to venture onto the island.

A few of the women noted how the island was an especially bad destination spot for Julia. Just as Julia mentioned in the last episode, her son died as an infant, and the trip to church had already reminded her of that. She didn’t need another reminder with the hundreds of dolls.

Adriana spoke with a local guide who explained that many would come to the island to do witchcraft. On top of that, he explained that several of the dolls behaved strangely, with shifting eye colors, weird noises, and even one that supposedly salivated. Julia said it looked like one of her friends and the shady editors superimposed Marysol’s head on the toy.

Julia stayed on the boat, doing her best to look away. But she rationalized with herself that someone put the dolls there to cope with their suffering, and decided the compassionate thing to do would be to look. She looked and began weeping. Guerdy and Alexia cried with her. Despite Julia’s trauma, she took it as a reminder to focus on life’s joys.

A chaotic gondola ride for Guerdy

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 15
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The gondola quickly turned around once all the ladies were back on board. The girls then began teasing Alexia for her vacation planning, and Alexia took it in stride. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and games as Guerdy began feeling nauseous. She was already feeling bad upon reaching the island, but it was getting worse as they went back.

Soon enough, Guerdy began vomiting into a barrel. The ladies called for quiet so that Guerdy could try and relax. At the most inopportune time, another boat came riding by with a mariachi band. Guerdy mumbled, “Literally, I can’t.” A third boat rode by with a dog barking on it. A true comedy of errors.

Thankfully, the boat returned to the dock soon enough. It was one of those Housewives moments where things became so chaotic and unsure that production started scrambling and stepping in front of the camera. The girls moved quickly to help Guerdy off the boat. Lisa, however, was in her own little world, looking for lip gloss back on the boat. But don’t dare call her out of touch or entitled.

Production quickly sat Guerdy on a nearby bench. At first, Nicole recommended that Guerdy get something to drink. But soon enough, Guerdy began throwing up again, and Nicole realized she wouldn’t be able to keep anything down. Things turned south quickly. 10 minutes later, Guerdy was laid on a stretcher and moved into the back of an ambulance.

Guerdy’s unexpected ambulance ride

Guerdy Abraira for RHOM Season 6
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Nicole joined Guerdy in the ambulance, chalking up her sickness to the traveling, high altitude, and dehydration. From the back of the ambulance, Nicole was relaying messages from Russell to Guerdy. The Housewife began mumbling about Russell, saying how much she needed him.

Soon enough, Russell was on the phone, but Guerdy was slipping out of consciousness. She was given an IV and demanded to see Russell. Nicole soon FaceTimed Guerdy’s husband and the two spoke. Guerdy encouraged Russell and told him not to be worried, but Nicole assured Guerdy he wasn’t. He was laughing at her loopy state.

Nicole vowed that the next time she traveled with her cast, she’d bring a medical kit. Luckily, by the next morning, Guerdy was feeling more than fine, getting her makeup done and ready to party it up at Pride.

The Miami Housewives prepare for Pride

That same morning, Adriana was having her makeup done to prepare for her performance. She was feeling the pressure on top of the excitement, what with Mexico City hosting the largest Pride concert in Latin America. She compared the numbers to that of Beyoncé or Rihanna. “That’s like, Super Bowl Halftime,” she said. On top of it all, Adriana wanted to please Emilio.

As Adriana made her way toward Mexico City’s square, the rest of the ladies got ready. Julia called Martina to let her know she’d kissed several of her friends the day before and, as Julia predicted, Martina didn’t care that much. “You’re gonna get a toaster in the mail,” Martina joked.

Meanwhile, Lisa was still hung up on the day before; none of the important stuff, mind you. “I can’t believe I had a juice box thrown at me.” Oh, Lisa. That was not the most eventful moment from the day before. Nevertheless, Lisa stood by her move to feed the dogs, despite the hot water it landed her in with Kiki.

Alexia spoke about it with Kiki after the fact, telling her that she and Lisa were “both right and … both wrong.” Hm.

The girls soon met up in the lobby, showing off their Pride outfits. Julia showed a sign she made in support of Adriana. Just one hitch: she spelled the name “Adreana.” Julia laughed it off, admitting that even in her phone contacts it was incorrect. Alexia noted that it was the thought that counted, especially since no one else made Adriana a sign.

Kiki attempts to apologize to Lisa

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 15 recap
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Adriana made it to Mexico City’s Pride to get into costume, being told there were over 200,000 people there.

The girls piled into the van at the hotel, unwilling to wait for Lisa in the lobby. Lisa made it soon enough and immediately noted she wouldn’t be sitting next to Kiki, albeit subtly. “I just don’t want any drama today,” she said. “I had … one of the most emotional days of my entire life yesterday.” Oh boy.

As the ladies pulled up to Pride, they were shocked to see just how many people were there, feeling nervous on Adriana’s behalf. As the girls unloaded from the bus, Kiki made it clear that she didn’t hate Lisa. “I freakin’ love you,” she said. How did Lisa respond? By saying, “I know but don’t throw sh*t at me.”

Kiki managed to let it go. Lisa then had the gall to say in a confessional she didn’t “want to fight with Kiki.” Lisa, she was apologizing to you, and you threw it in her face. Still, Lisa claimed her “guns” were holstered. Things weren’t helped when Kiki did a dancing kick and Lisa asked if she intended to fight her.

Adriana’s fire performance of Fyah!

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 15
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Adriana just felt the pressure to a greater and greater degree the closer she got to the stage. Regardless, she went up there and rocked it. Sort of. People seemed to enjoy it. But Marysol had to ask, “Is she lip-syncing?” Still, her friends danced along and cheered for her.

In their confessionals, Kiki said, “Bravo Adriana!” Guerdy said, “Adriana’s on-on, on-on Fyah!” Even Alexia said, “You can’t beat that … That’s like, the best song ever.” Nicole gave her “10s across the board,” while Julia opined that Emilio would be “proud of his protégé.”

The girls met up with Adriana after she got off stage, where they all hugged and cheered for her. Adriana was grateful, humbled, and beyond happy. The girls chanted that there would be “More to come!” starting with partying that night.

Tensions rise between Lisa and Kiki

As Lisa met up with Alexia for nighttime partying, the former asked for a skinny margarita from their bartender. Alexia tried to encourage her friend to live a little: “In Mexico, we don’t drink skinnies,” she teased. Lisa then asked for a drop of sugar. To the camera, Alexia said, “I can’t with these skinny b*tches … What about being allergic to Lenny?”

Nicole soon joined the festivities with Kiki after her. When Kiki entered, Lisa asked, “Are you gonna throw any juice boxes at me?” Kiki wouldn’t take it as a joke, which Lisa insisted it was. “Lisa is making it super difficult for me to move forward,” Kiki told the camera. “Like, stop being the victim, woman!”

Larsa soon arrived and noted the tension as Lisa went outside with Nicole and Alexia. Even Larsa had to admit that Lisa was making things worse and owed Kiki an apology. Outside, Nicole tried to talk some sense into Lisa: “I don’t think she likes that you suggest that she’s violent or that she’s aggressive.”

Lisa again insisted that she was joking and Alexia called her behavior “passive-aggressive” (and some would say, littered with microaggressions). At this point, even Larsa couldn’t keep defending Lisa, admitting to Kiki, “Other people I think have had enough.” Kiki agreed, “Yes! Everything’s about Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. To be honest, I’m quite sick and tired of it. Lisa is f*cking selfish.”

Julia throws gasoline on Lisa’s flame

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 15
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Kiki was not holding back at this point, expressing her discontent with the way Lisa talked about those who lived on the riverside. “I lived that life. I didn’t just … lay on my back and get f*cked by a plastic surgeon and then, boom, had millions.” Larsa looked to the side, perhaps feeling that Kiki had gone a little too far.

After going outside, Julia, rather uncharacteristically, relayed some of Kiki’s words to Lisa. “She thinks you’re [an] entitled, spoiled girl,” she said. Nicole couldn’t believe Julia was “running her mouth,” and wanted to encourage her to use her lips to start kissing instead. But Julia didn’t mind being called a snitch.

The girls then went downstairs to continue celebrating Pride but the celebrations didn’t go on too long as Lisa made a show of wanting to leave. She told the cameras, “I was open to receiving Kiki but after hearing I’m ‘entitled’ and ‘spoiled,’ I’m not in party mode.” Uh-huh. Sure Jan. Your behavior’s not giving off entitled or spoiled at all.

Julia, who seemed to be on Lisa’s side earlier, sat down and had a chat with her. She explained that the group felt they’d given Lisa a great deal of empathy for over a year but that her circumstances were no excuse for how she treated Kiki. Even Guerdy had to ask why Julia had chosen now of all times to talk to Lisa about this.

Lisa asked, “Why is not one person here having my back?” I don’t know Lisa, perhaps that should indicate something to you. Perhaps that should prompt some introspection. No. Instead, she said, “These are supposed to be my friends.”

Lisa Hochstein vs. the world

The group went upstairs with Lisa, realizing this was gonna be a whole thing. “I’ve had a long couple days,” Lisa said upon arriving upstairs. She admitted she didn’t want to be with anyone considering what she had to go home to. With Nicole sort of moderating, Larsa admitted, “I think when you’re wrong, I have to tell you that. You shouldn’t have said the things you said to Kiki.”

Larsa pointed out that Kiki never comes for anyone, so for Lisa to have come at her like that? It felt wrong. “It’s not who you are,” Larsa added. Lisa then said she felt she was on trial, knowing she had another trial to go to next week. Nicole said Lisa was getting a false sense of what the group felt and that she wasn’t making “a fair statement.”

Adriana, rather surprisingly, had Lisa’s back, explaining that she still cried over her divorce, sometimes feeling “like a failure.” Larsa, on the other hand, confessed privately that the group had given Lisa “so many hall passes.”

Kiki then jumped in, explaining, “My thing is, Lisa, you don’t know anything about me. And if you knew my backstory – I’ve been on my own since I was 15 – kicked out, on the street, with a backpack, in the rain. You all have this beautiful life and I worked hard to get here too.” She was crying. “I just want people to listen to me.”

Kiki calls out Lisa and warns of karma

Lisa Hochstein for RHOM Season 6
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She wasn’t backing down. She called out the group for not being supportive enough of her, coming after Lisa in particular, and asking if she knew her son’s name. She apologized that Lisa was struggling through her divorce, but said, “I’ve gone through hell too.” Kiki criticized Lisa for thinking too much of herself and lacking any empathy for others.

Rather than taking a moment to connect with Kiki, Lisa focused on herself again. She said, “I feel like anything I say, even my opinion, is gonna be wrong.” To her credit, she did say, “I’m really sorry that you’re going through that.”

Kiki explained why the gondola ride triggered her – Lisa’s words in particular. “That’s not what I was saying,” Lisa jumped defensively. “You’re twisting my words to make me look like I’m an insensitive, entitled assh*le.” Well. If it walks like a duck. And sounds like a duck. Lisa tried to talk over Kiki, and the latter pointed out, “You’re doing it again.”

Lisa said, “I can’t fix your childhood trauma, I’m not a therapist!” A silence fell over the group. “F*ck you,” Kiki said simply, getting up to leave. “I open up to you and this is what you have to say?” The girls seemed to be on Kiki’s side … until she said, “Maybe what’s happening with you and Lenny is karma.” Oof, yikes. Everyone felt that was a bit much.

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