Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Tamra Judge Channels Coyote Ugly, Grinding Bar Top While Filming RHOC

Tamra Judge has always had a bit of a poor reputation among Bravo fans, especially those who consistently watch Real Housewives of Orange County. Sure, there’s the old adage about broken clocks, but when Tamra’s in the wrong, she’s really in the wrong.

While drama is a fundamental part of any Bravo show, most fans can’t help but feel that Tamra’s brand of drama is manufactured. Even with her return to RHOC Season 17, that feeling of fabricated drama permeated viewers’ TV screens.

Now, with the cast filming Season 18, fans have raised speculation over reports surrounding Tamra. Because of Tamra’s need to create drama, fans have a hard time trusting her. Are all of her actions purely spectacle? Well, this most recent one certainly might’ve been.

Did Tamra dance on a bar for attention?

TMZ obtained footage of Tamra’s most recent not-so-proudest moment. The footage is rather hard to make out, but TMZ reported that Tamra fell while dancing atop the bar, at which point a patron poured a drink over her crotch. Undeterred, Tamra quickly got up and began dancing again.

She was joined by a brunette, the two of them dancing up against each other. Eagle-eyed viewers could spot Vicki Gunvalson stepping away from the situation. It looked as though Vicki had been dancing on the bar as well, though, perhaps she was just trying to get Tamra down. Tamra would not relent, however.

She got down into a squat and, well, there’s no lighter way to put it. Tamra appeared to simulate oral sex on the brunette with whom she was dancing. And all of this and more went down while the RHOC cameras continued rolling. It likely won’t be long before Tamra addresses this moment on her podcast. But fans will have to wait for more context.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 18 is expected to hit Bravo in late 2024.