The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Kate’s Big Opportunity

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8 recap
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Season 2 of The Traitors continues to get better with each passing week. During the last episode, the Faithfuls were riding the high of finally banishing a Traitor — Dan. The Bachelor’s own Pilot Pete has been labeled the “most faithful of the Faithfuls” by Sandra after leading the charge to get him out, and she was motivated to banish him next. However, host Alan Cumming had a different idea and threw a wicked twist in the field of play, offering safety to seven lucky players. The vulnerable cast members left available to murder included Trishelle, Bergie, MJ, and Kate. So, who did Phaedra and Parvati choose to slaughter? Read on to find out everything that went down in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8: “Knives At Dawn.”

Who was murdered in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8?

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8
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Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen was the fifth celebrity murdered in Season 2 of The Traitors

It’s not the outcome we wanted, but the surviving players discovered Bergie was the fifth celebrity murdered at the hands of the Traitors during the day’s breakfast. 

Parvati felt that Peter’s suspicion of her as a Traitor was getting too dangerous, and taking him out would point even more eyes her way. So, what’s the next best move? The Traitors coming for his best friend.

During breakfast, Trishelle began thinking about who else could be a Traitor and kept circling back to Phaedra. There’s something about the twitch in her eye. Plus, she had a laundry list of other things, like she’s supposedly never nervous about getting murdered. And that Dan’s attempt at saving himself had to result in the revelation of a true Traitor. 

Trishelle shared this information with her crew of five and then some. She claimed that it was crucial to banish Phaedra before Parvati because she has more numbers to save her. Peter ran along with her plan and sucked up to Parvati, offering a deal to trap Phaedra during the night’s roundtable. 

“I do not trust Peter at all,” Parvati said in her confessional. “[But] I will work with public enemy number one if it takes some of the suspicion off of me. Fine.” 

The Traitors or Fear Factor? 

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8 recap
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Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby joined the celebrities in the middle of the woods to host this episode’s challenge — an escape room. The cast played for $20,000, and whoever didn’t make it out or quit by yelling the safe word would forfeit $1K. They had 30 minutes to complete the challenge successfully, and it was quite the show, full of screams, nasty critters, and squirting liquids. As you can imagine, the Real Housewives and their fellow Bravo stars were not here for this at all. “Bugs, maggots, roaches — it’s torture,” Shereé said. 

After a grueling fight, Kevin, Parv, CT, Trishelle, Peter, John, and Sandra all escaped, bringing in a whopping $15,000 to add to the pot of gold. However, since Phaedra, Shereé, MJ, and Kate quit, they lost $4K, bringing their total to $11K. 

When they arrived back at the castle, Parvati began pleading with the Faithfuls about why she should stay. After speaking with Peter, she went to John and tried to convince him. She had tears and all, chile! But she must’ve forgotten he was a politician. You can’t play the player, sis! “What you have to demonstrate is that you’re a faithful player and that you wouldn’t chop off my head,” he told her once the waterworks disappeared.

In the meantime, Phaedra wandered around the castle, looking for somebody to talk to. “Where is everybody?” she said to herself.

Little did she know they were all talking about her. Trishelle told CT, Kate, Sandra, and Kevin why she believed Phaedra to be a Traitor. But Kate couldn’t get past her sudden change of heart. “[Phaedra] is somebody that you have spent the whole game being like, ‘Oh, I definitely know this person is a Faithful,'” she said. “I’m just so confused because this entire time, all I’ve been hearing is Parvati … and now, at the final hour, Trishelle is throwing out Phaedra. Why are you throwing a wrench in the Parvati plan?” 

Finally, Phaedra found a room with people in it, but, of course, they stopped talking once she entered. “Today feels weird,” she said in her confessional. “I don’t feel that my name is going to come up at all, but who knows?” she said. Let’s find out. 

Who is banished in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8?

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8
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Parvati Shallow is the sixth celebrity banished from The Traitors Season 2Episode 8.

During Episode 8’s roundtable discussion, Parvati wasted no time taking the stand, explaining that her decision to trust Dan put her in a bad position, but that doesn’t mean she’s a Traitor. 

Next, Trishelle began speaking, explaining that the night before, she reviewed her notes, and for Parvati, she didn’t have “compelling” arguments. But for Phaedra, she “had so much.” 

“I’m going to start with the least compelling, and I’ll end with the most.” The Challenge alum then explained one of the reasons, saying that during breakfast, Phaedra never seems “surprised” about who gets murdered. 

“What would make you think I don’t seem surprised by who’s murdered?” Phaedra asked. “Your non-reaction, basically,” Trishelle replied. “You’re never ever worried, bothered; you’re not scared about being murdered at all,” she continued. 

“I’m not sure what that means,” Phaedra said. “I’ve been nervous numerous times. I don’t know what you want me to do to be nervous — I’m not frantic like you.” 

Trishelle fired back, saying she’d start with the least compelling argument. Phaedra, the classy and always savvy attorney, welcomed the challenge. “Okay, so then go with the next,” she said. “What’s your other point?” 

Trishelle’s final point was what she mentioned earlier about Dan feeding them the name of a Traitor to save himself. Other contestants began jumping in, like Kate, saying that as a returning player, discovering Traitors is much harder than one would think. Kevin voiced his concern with Phaedra, noting her twitching eye. 

“No one has ever said that,” Phaedra said. “I’ve never heard that a day in my life. Never.” 

After a while, the conversation shifted, and all eyes returned to Parvati. “It’s just intuition,” John said. “Parvati could well be a Dutchess of Deception and Mistress of Murder.” 

“I have heard what you said in relation to Dan, but there is no doubt that you were his accomplice and he yours, and possibly his partner in crime. I have detected that you’ve been worried about banishment, but you have been, if you like, serene about the threat of murder.” 

Peter spoke, saying he believed that after a conversation with Parvati, Dan was trying to give the Faithful a hint and that Phaedra was a Traitor. “Because there’s a backdoor deal going down,” Phaedra said, referencing a conversation Peter attempted with her and Parvati during Episode 7 about teaming up to get somebody out. 

See, Peter. You could’ve been riding sweat-free if you had taken the Traitors’ offer to join them in the turret. Or, if you had not come for Phaedra. But like Dan, he ‘gon learn today. 

Finally, the time for talk ended, and the players cast their votes. Ultimately, Parvati had seven, while Phaedra had four. She entered the circle of truth, saying, “Coming out here, I wanted to play a faithful game. But, I am not a Faithful; I’m a Traitor.” 

After leaving the roundtable discussion, certain players met to share their concerns about Peter’s erratic gameplay. Will he live to see another day? 

Phaedra recruits a Faithful… 

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 8 recap
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Phaedra Parks recruits Kate Chastain to be a Traitor in The Traitors Season 2Episode 8.

As the rules dictate, Phaedra was allowed to recruit a Faithful to join her now that she’s all alone. She had to meet them in the castle’s dungeon and offer them an ultimatum: take the cloak and turn to the dark side or be murdered. So, who did Phaedra choose to join her as a killing duo? None other than Kate Chastain.

“She’s very direct. She can do it; say the things that I can’t. But she also understands the game,” she told Alan. Will Kate accept Phaedra’s offer? We’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out. 

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