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Southern Hospitality Star Maddi Reese Admits Lying About the Trevor Recording, ‘Not My Rumor’

Season 2 of Southern Hospitality reached an explosive conclusion during last night’s finale episode. 

After a season of damaging rumors and cheating accusations, Maddi ReeseBradley Carter, and Trevor Stokes finally had it out with the alleged sidepiece, Sammie, who claimed to have hooked up with Trevor during a drunken night on the town. However, during a conversation with Joe Bradley and eventually Sammie, Maddi referenced an audio recording of the woman allegedly apologizing for ruining Trevor’s life. 

But after slipping up one too many times about the recording’s origin, Bradley discovered Maddi set the whole thing up — Reality Von Tease style. But why? According to the aspiring DJ, she did it to protect her then-boyfriend from more public shame. 

Maddi lied to protect her cheating ex-boyfriend, Trevor

If you watched SoHo’s season finale last night, you saw producers trip Maddi up during one of her confessionals about her secret audio recording. So, why was she dishonest with her group of friends? 

“Because it was not my rumor,” Maddi told Decider. “I always felt like it was Trevor’s battle. For the past two seasons, I was a voice for Trevor. I was constantly defending him. I felt like it was Trevor’s job to confront the group. I was done defending him at that point.” 

Maddi’s reasoning still doesn’t explain why she set up her costar, Brad. But at this point, she might not even care. “I could give a shit,” she said. “I just wanted to know if I could trust my partner or not. Look at my actions. I obviously didn’t trust my partner. I was basically a detective [laughs]. To be honest, even now that I’m out of my relationship, I don’t think Trevor kissed that girl. Even though we’ve been broken up and time has gone by… I still don’t think that he kissed her.” 

Whew. All of that only to break up in the end. Either way, Maddi better be ready for heat during their upcoming reunion. From the looks of it, it’ll be a good one. 

The Southern Hospitality reunion airs on Bravo on Thursday, February 22 at 8/7c.