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Maddi Reese Says Trevor Is Finally ‘Out of the Picture’ on WWHL

Maddi Reese has finally moved on from Trevor Stokes. Well — for now, at least. 

The Southern Hospitality star stopped by Andy Cohen’s late-night show Watch What Happens Live to spill all the tea about Season 2, the upcoming reunion, and whether she’s still romantically linked to her serial cheater of a boyfriend, Trevor. 

When asking the server/DJ a question from an audience member about her ability to trust Trevor, the Bravo patriarch also noted the pair don’t “seem like an amazing couple.” So, how are Maddi and Trevor doing now that Season 2 is wrapping up? Read on to find out. 

Maddi and Trevor split — again! 

“I feel like we definitely don’t trust each other,” Maddi told Andy on February 13. “But, let’s just say he’s kind of out of the picture.” 

Whew. The Southern Hospitality finale will air later this week on Bravo and is supposed to feature the big showdown between Maddi, Trevor, and his alleged side-piece, Sammie. 

Things reached a boiling point earlier in the season when Bradley Carter spilled the beans that Trevor allegedly hooked up with one of his clients. After discovering the news at work, Maddi ended things with the Pedicab Driver until last week’s episode showed them reconnecting and attempting to restart their life together. 

The episode also showcased Maddi and Trevor’s efforts to clear his name from the cheating gossip. In what was said to be an audio recording from Sammie, watchers could hear Trevor asking a woman on the phone if she was ready to “clear up what actually happened that night.” 

“I just shouldn’t have done what I did, and I’m sorry,” the voice, believed to be Sammie, said. Trevor replied, “Like setting me up?” to which Sammie answered, “Yeah.”    

Southern Hospitality continues on Thursdays at 9/8c.