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Southern Hospitality Star Maddi Reese Still Believes Trevor Didn’t Cheat

Maddi Reese spent a hectic season of Southern Hospitality moving in and moving out of the home she shared with Trevor Stokes. But the couple were on again for the Season 2 finale and celebrated the Fourth of July with the rest of the cast.

Viewers were then informed that the duo split up again three weeks after filming wrapped. No reason was given, but one could only assume that Maddi and Trevor were, once again, in a conflict situation regarding his rumored infidelity.

However, that seems to have not been the case this time around. The Southern Hospitality star explained that she chose to trust her ex-boyfriend on the latest rumors. This breakup was something different.

Maddi blamed “different lifestyles” for the breakup

“I believe it didn’t happen,” Maddi told Us Weekly after the Season 2 finale aired. “Even months later, we’ve been broken up and I’ve dated other people. I’ve seen other people, and he still is like, ‘This hasn’t happened.’”

She added: “So for me, it’s just like I don’t really trust him that much, but for some reason I really do trust him on this just because we’ve broken up and time has gone by and it’s like, ‘Why? What’s the point now?’” Maddi confessed. “I might never know, and I got to be OK with that.”

Maddi was referring to the claims her co-star, Bradley Carter, made about Trevor kissing a girl named Sammie. She chose to disregard them at the time, despite Trevor having cheated on her before. But it all came to a head at the season finale.

“I’ve heard all I’ve need [sic] to hear from you. You’re a f–king liar,” Maddi said to Sammie during their confrontation. “Have a great day. Bye, bitch!”

Before the going-away party for Will Kulp, Trevor confronted Sammie during a phone conversation. Maddi confessed she listened to the entire conversation.

“I felt like it wasn’t my rumor. It wasn’t my fight,” Maddi said of her decision to keep that bombshell to herself. “I feel like for me, after hearing what she had to say, that was a chapter closed for me.”

“Playing detective”

“I understand that his fingerprints are all over that. But ultimately, I wanted to know [the truth],” she explained. “I feel like I was playing detective in a way, but I felt like it wasn’t my fight. I felt like it was Trevor’s and his decision to go to the group with that.”

So if Maddi chose to believe Trevor after what she heard on the call with Sammie, what did break them up? The Republic VIP manager “ended more so because of the stress and the mental stuff I was going through.”

“We have different lifestyles. I work in nightlife. He’s more a nine to fiver,” the DJ said of her July 2023 split. “I feel like it was very mutual.”

Now, Maddi is “moving slowly” in and out of their former shared home. “I am open to dating and putting myself out there. I feel like I still have some things to heal though,” she said.

“You need to have the self-control to be like, ‘Nope, chapter’s closed,’” she teased. “So for me right now, it’s completely closed, but you never know where your future [will go],” the Bravolebrity said of ending things for good this time.

“I definitely feel like I’m in a healing place, but I’m super open-minded to what else is out there for me,” Maddi said of her pathway to healing. “I’m really just trying to get a lot of the relationships that have been broken. I’ve been really trying to get them back on track.”

The Southern Hospitality Season 2 reunion airs on Bravo Thursday, February 22, at 8/7c.