Why Sister Wives Deserves Another Season

Photo credit: TLC/YouTube

Season 18 of Sister Wives ended as one thought it would, with Kody Brown crying in a corner about how he has been wounded as almost every spouse took away his dream of a polygamous lifestyle. In all reality, fans have been watching for years as the father of 18 had a knack for pushing away everyone who ever loved him. Over time, Kody became quite the pill, with the latest season highlighting everything that was wrong with the Brown family.

Now, just because it was mostly a season of Kody throwing tantrums and Robyn Brown breaking down about the lack of a porch swing, that doesn’t mean TLC fans don’t want another season. On the contrary, we want to see just how low rock bottom looks for Kody. So here is why I believe Sister Wives deserves at least one more season. Not only do I need an update about Coyote Pass, but I also want to see Janelle Brown curse the patriarch out again. Bare with me, guys!

What Could Season 19 Storyline Be?

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Season 18 left off with all three of Kody’s first wives calling it quits on their legal and spiritual marriages to Kody. Sadly, no amount of homemade Rice Krispie treats could save them. I’d love to see the storyline pick back up with Meri Brown, Janelle, and Christine Brown all tending to their own gardens in their respective locations. 

I’d love to see each woman answering the question, “So, how has life been now that you’ve left Kody?” Each sister wife would give their own responses: Meri is still Kody’s champion, Janelle is a bit coy, and Christine is downright petty. 

The main crux of the storyline could really be how each of the women is moving on and making their own lives. This could include how their older children are adjusting and if they have smoothed over the child/parent relationship. I can assure you that, as of now, they have not. Technically, we don’t even need Kody for Season 19. And it would save on the Kleenex budget. 

Fans Want To See David and Kody Interact

Christine Brown/Instagram

We already know Kody is no fan of David Woolley, Christine’s new man. The father of 18 felt his ex shouldn’t have been living under the same roof without their marriage vows. Christine and David have developed a habit of posting snippy social media updates targeting Kody. One post was about loving to share nachos, which Kody infamously noted made him feel nauseous, while another was holding Skittles and beer. It was a dig at the time when Kody said that marriage “wasn’t always Skittles and beer.”

Christine hinted to People that Season 19 is already in the works and that fans will be seeing a lot more of David on their small screens. Christine gushed “People are going to be seeing a lot with the two of us. I’m really excited for everybody to meet David more because he’s really genuine.” There have already been claims that the two men do not like one another, often exchanging heated words, so I wouldn’t mind a middle-aged rumble. 

Christine Needs A Bit Of Redemption

Christine Brown/Instagram

Now, I do like Christine, but I truly think she overstepped at times, especially in the series when she bad-mouthed Kody. Not that he is an angel by any means, but show some compassion, lady. She got to move on to greener pastures, and poor Kody is stuck with Sobbin’ Robyn.

Christine needed to take the high road, and instead, fans watched her mock Kody’s feelings and talk badly behind his back. Watching Christine be spiteful was funny for a second, but after episode three, it grew tiresome. The mother of six had moved back to Utah and started a new life, so I don’t understand why she felt the need to keep bringing Kody back up. 

I don’t believe TLC is ready to give up on Sister Wives and will most likely renew for another season. Previously, Kody has had a lot of pull when it came to filming the series, but I truly believe Season 19 will show the ex-wives club finally put in charge.