Jess in Love Is Blind Season 6
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Love Is Blind Season 6: Jess Shares Regrets Over a Conversation She Didn’t Have

With its first single mother as part of the cast, Love Is Blind Season 6 broke new ground. Jessica Vestal, or Jess as fans came to know her, is a 29-year-old executive assistant and mother to her daughter, Autumn.

Going into the competition, Jess said of her perfect match, “He would have to have the understanding that my daughter and even possibly our future children would always come first.” For a moment, it seemed she found her perfect match in Jimmy Presnell.

Unfortunately, Jess went home in tears when Jimmy decided to propose to Chelsea Blackwell. As one might imagine, Jess felt some regrets at the end of her LIB run. However, her one specific regret might not be what viewers would expect.

Jess wishes she’d shared her “support” of Chelsea during Love Is Blind Season 6

In speaking with E! News, Jess reported wanting to speak with Chelsea after everything was said and done. However, as Jess explained, “It’s not a conversation that necessarily happened,” adding, “I wish that Chelsea and I would have had the opportunity to have a conversation before she got engaged.”

However, if given the opportunity to speak with her co-star, she expressed, “I wish I would have been able to tell her my over-the-moon love and excitement and support that I had for her.” As for other reflections on her Love Is Blind experience, Jess shared how the day-to-day filming schedule surprised her.

She explained, “I went into it thinking I’m gonna have time to work out. But you’re so emotionally invested and the dates are so – like, the conversations you’re having take so much out of you emotionally, that when you have a little bit of down time [sic], you just want to chill and rest.” With all said and done, at least Jess ended up with plenty of viewer support.

Love Is Blind Season 6, Episodes 1-6 are available to stream now. Episodes 7-9 hit Netflix on Wednesday, February 21.