The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6 Recap: Just Say ‘Je T’aime’

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6 recap
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Welcome to our recap of The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6! In this episode, Joey Graziadei takes his 10 remaining ladies to Montréal, Canada. Eight of them will have a group date exploring some of Montréal native Jesse Palmer’s favorite locations. Sadly, Joey decides to send one hopeful home in the middle of the date, because she’s just not his person. (Could her loathing for Maria have played into it?) Then two of the ladies each get their own romantic one-on-one dates before one seeming frontrunner self-eliminates. Here are some of the highlights from The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6.

Joey’s feeling insecure

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6
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Bonjour from Montréal, y’all! Joe’s struggling. Though he’s really looking forward to seeing the ladies this week, he’s falling for “multiple women,” and it scares him.

Joey’s “scared to death” of revealing his feelings to the women he’s feeling strongest about. He’s worried they don’t feel the same and will leave because they don’t share his feelings. Oh, sweetie! Have you seen this show? Hardly anybody ever does that. These women are so competitive they’d scratch each other’s eyes out just to get to sit next to you.

The last time he really opened up was with Charity Lawson, Season 20’s Bachelorette. As we all know, Charity chose Dotun Olubeko over Joey, leaving him heartbroken. But this time, Joey’s in the driver’s seat. He gets to choose. Just choose wisely, Joey.

Jenn’s excited to be in Montréal. “I’m excited to chug a gallon of maple syrup,” she laughs as they walk down the street. “And I would love to ride a moose.” Both bad ideas, Jenn. All that syrup would definitely make you sick, and you need to keep your distance from the moose. Those guys will kill you if you get in their way. They’re huge, wild animals, not house pets.

As Maria is bragging about speaking French (she’s from Canada), the ladies run into Jesse, who greets them, “Bienvenue a Montréal!” Jesse tells us he’s Canadian and speaks fluent French. I didn’t know that.

Jesse’s favorite hometown locations

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6 recap
Photo: Disney/Jan Thijs

Jesse lists the names of the women who will be on the group date: Daisy, Katelyn, Kelsey A., Jenn, Rachel, Lexi, Lea, and Jess. That means Maria and Kelsey T. have the coveted one-on-one dates this week. How long do you think until Jess starts whining about it not being “fair?”

Jesse tells the lucky eight ladies, “Joey’s enlisted me to show you all the best spots here in my neighborhood in Old Montréal … The first clue is right here,” he says, handing a card to Jenn.

“It’s in French,” she says. “I can’t read that.”

“All right, ladies,” Jesse finishes. “Joey’s waiting for you. Bon chance [good luck].”

They bump into Joey just down the street. They open the date card together and read, “Montrez-moi votre amour pour cette ville, et rendezvous à my boutique souvenir péférée.” Google translates this message as, “Show me your love for this city, and go to my favorite souvenir shop.” You’ve gotta love technology.

One of the stops is at Jesse’s favorite restaurant, where they get to make poutine. It’s gravy over French fries with cheese curds. I’ve always wanted to try it.

But Jesse has dropped off some odd ingredients for them to try. Jenn decides to make her “poutine” with fries, pineapple, chocolate sauce, and sriracha. Ugh. Maybe she should throw some maple syrup in there, too, since she’s so anxious to try it. That looks disgusting.

One goes home, one gets a rose

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6
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When it’s time for the evening portion of the date, the women march out of the hotel in close formation, like little toy soldiers. Gotta get ‘em all in the shot, I guess.

They’re all starting to feel the pressure. Seeing the relationships he’s built with some of the other girls weighs heavily on some of them. Everyone is feeling insecure and needs to get some alone time with Joey tonight.

When Jess finally gets time with Joey, she lays it all on the line and tells him she’s definitely “falling” for him. She wants that one-on-one time so they can go deeper. But as she’s telling him all of this, Joey’s face looks sad. Uh oh.

“I just don’t think it’s right to keep you here,” he finally says, as her face falls. “I’m so sorry.” And with that, he walks her out. Didn’t see that coming. And neither did she. I’m not a Jess fan (I think she’s immature), but I feel bad for her. And so does Joey, who feels incredibly guilty. But it’s better to be honest.

When Joey returns to the other women, they’re stunned to hear that Jess is gone. But Joey feels like he’s making progress. And he gives the rose to Jenn. Ugh. I just think she’s a hateful bitch. Whether or not you like Maria, she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way Jenn has been attacking her.

And is anyone else struggling to tell Jenn and Lea apart? They’re both very pretty girls with long, dark hair, and they both hate Maria. I can never tell who’s who. Does anyone else have this issue?

Joey and Kelsey T. join Cirque de Soleil

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6 recap
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The next day is Kelsey T’s one-on-one date with Joey. She’s very nervous. Joey and Kelsey are going to be training with the Cirque de Soleil. Very cool! They walk into a room where a woman is practicing with an aerial hoop. The stunts they learn look totally fun, and they’re having a good time together. But poor Joey is getting dizzy and sick.

When Joey and Kelsey move on to the evening portion of the date, Kelsey voiceovers that she’s really happy and could see herself with Joey. When they sit down, Kelsey admits, “I do have feelings, and they’re deepening.” She mentions that with hometowns coming up, she wants him to know that she hasn’t always had the best relationship with her family, especially her dad.

“We were really close growing up,” Kelsey says. Then, “he stopped talking to me for a while. For a very long time.” Apparently, her dad wanted her to focus on their religion, but in her heart, “I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be.”

He didn’t support her decision to go to college, and because she didn’t practice his religion, she wasn’t allowed to live in his house anymore. She went to live with her mom, and she and her dad stopped talking. That’s f*cked up. Your mom and dad should be there for you no matter what.

Her relationship with her dad has affected Kelsey’s trust in relationships. Things are better with him now, but it’s hard to trust him.

But Kelsey feels like Joey understands, and that means a lot. He offers her the rose, and she accepts it.

Maria’s princess date

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6
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A man comes into the room asking for Maria. “Monsieur Joey awaits your presence,” he says.

Downstairs, Joey stands next to a vintage white stretch limo. In the car, Maria tries to get Joey to speak French, telling him to say, “Voulez vous coucher avec moi? [Do you want to sleep with me?]” He thinks she’s trying to teach him dirty words, but he’s totally entertained. He never knows what she’ll do or say next.

Their first stop is a boutique called “Claudette,” and Claudette says that Joey has arranged for Maria to choose a special gown for a special date. “Today is all about you.”

Joey helps choose her dress, and she says, “I feel like a princess. I feel so beautiful and elegant.”

Back in the car, Maria tells Joey, “Say ‘je t’aime,’” and he says it. She gasps because she got him to say “I love you” in French. “That’s so nice,” she says, kissing him on the cheek. “Thank you!”

“What does it mean?” Joey asks.

She just says, “Merci.”

When they pull up to a helicopter, Maria asks nervously, “We’re not jumping out, are we?” But he assures her they’re not jumping. They drink champagne and fly over the city. “I’ve never seen Montréal this way,” Maria says. “It’s so beautiful!”

That evening, they head into a theater with a marquis that reads, “Je ressens tout,” which loosely translates, “I have all the feels.”

When Joey asks Maria how she’s feeling, she admits, “I feel so happy when I’m with you, and I love every moment.”

“You make me happy, too,” Joey responds. Finally, he picks offers her the rose, and she accepts.

An unexpected goodbye

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6 recap
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Back at the hotel, Lexi is worried about the conversation she had with Joey on the group date. He said he sees a two to three-year engagement and then wants to be married for at least a couple of years before starting a family. Lexi’s concerned because of her endometriosis. It may be difficult for her to get pregnant, so she doesn’t want to wait. She needs to talk to Joey.

“I have a pit in my stomach,” she says. She has a connection with Joey, but isn’t sure they’re on the same page about having children. Lexi’s body is a ticking clock.

She goes to Joey’s room and knocks. When he answers, she says she just needs to chat for a second.

“I know you want a long engagement,” she says. “And that you want to take some time before kids … but that’s not something that I have the privilege to do … with my health situation.”

When they were in Malta, she opened up to Joey. It was the first time she’d shared with anyone about her health. But as someone in her 30s with her health issues, having a family is going to be a higher priority than Joey’s ready for.

“I think it would be unfair to keep me here,” she continues, “when I’m just on a different timeline.”

He was hoping they could work things out, but Joey realizes that Lexi needs to persue her dream. “You’re going to get everything you want,” he says. “You’re gonna make a remarkable mother.”

I’m shocked. Lexi was one of my frontrunners from the start. Joey’s “crushed … It doesn’t feel right to let someone that special just walk out.”

The Rose Ceremony

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6
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Now that someone Joey saw a future with has left, he’s scared others might follow. “It doesn’t feel good,” he says.

Daisy gets Joey to give her a foot massage. That’s bold. Joey’s never given anyone a foot massage before. Daisy warns him, “I like it multiple times a night, and I prefer it hard.” Hmmm, are we still talking about feet? Joey is charmed and says he has “zero doubts that any time he sees Daisy, she’s going to make me feel special. It reminds me why I’m here.”

Once Joey’s had his ego restored by several women, Jesse enters with his clinking glass (of Doom). Finally! I was afraid we would run out of time.

As they take their places, someone notices there are only three roses on the podium. Yikes! That means two women are leaving tonight. Out of 10 women, three already have roses, Jess was let go, Lexi left voluntarily, and three will get one, so that’s two leaving.

Roses go to Daisy, Kelsey A., and Rachel. Goodbye, Katelyn and Lea. Good! Now I won’t have to figure out which is Lea and which is Jenn.

When Jesse tells the two ejectees to “take a moment and say your goodbyes,” ironically, Lea turns to hug Maria. Doesn’t she hate Maria?

Don’t cry, ladies. There’s always Bachelor in Paradise.

Raising his glass to the remaining six women, Joey announces, “I don’t think I’ve seen enough of Canada quite yet. We are going to Jaspar [Alberta].”

See you next week in Jaspar, eh?

The Bachelor Season 28 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.