Love Is Blind Season 6 - Johnny McIntyre
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Love Is Blind Season 6: Johnny Says Birth Control Chat Was ‘Spun the Wrong Way’

Love Is Blind Season 6 star Johnny McIntyre rubbed some fans the wrong way during the latest batch of episodes released on Netflix. 

After proposing to his partner, Amy Cortés, the pair had a wonderful vacation in the Dominican Republic, where they grew closer to themselves and the other couples. The two then moved in together in North Carolina. But, the duo started experiencing some challenges — specifically around sexual intimacy. 

Since Amy isn’t on birth control, it’s causing Johnny to be apprehensive about doing the deed. The conversations were tense, but in a new interview with People, Johnny shared more context. He added that he felt his words were “spun the wrong way.” 

Love Is Blind’s Johnny wants kids, but not yet

Love Is Blind Season 6 - Johnny and Amy
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

“I do want to have kids, but I want to, number one, be able to actually experience life with Amy and grow and really evolve with her as a couple before we welcome kids into the mix,” Johnny explained. “Let’s do that, and then a couple of years later, then let’s welcome kids into it. Because that way, we have a strong foundation.”

Johnny claimed that the first few years of parenthood are stressful. He thinks it causes people not to be their “normal” selves. “So I wanted to know Amy for herself first and actually to know her before we were welcome kids into the mix.”

During her confessional, Amy spoke about not being on birth control and their sexual relationship thus far. “I don’t know if I wanna get on birth control yet,” she told producers. “I feel like Johnny’s fear about the whole kids thing is our biggest roadblock to intimacy. … I don’t think we’re gonna wait until marriage. But using protection, that’s not enough for him.”

“I’ve never been on birth control; I’ve had talks with my gynecologist. It’s ideal to be on birth control because I have to constantly get infusions,” she shared. “I’m anemic, it would be ideal to do that but I like how regular everything is with my system. I don’t want to alter anything and so, it is a lot as a woman to make these decisions.”

Love Is Blind Season 6 continues Wednesdays on Netflix.