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Summer House Season 8: Kyle Cooke Teases ‘Big Fights Like Volcanoes’ Between Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard

Summer House is back for a new season. If anyone still wonders why Carl Radke ended his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard just weeks before their wedding last fall, Season 8 should bring some clarity. According to Carl, he and Lindsay had issues going into the summer months. No kidding! The only question I have is why they ever got engaged in the first place.

“Things that were always right there in front of us,” he admits, “were a constant conversation. [There were] things we needed to work on and understand better about each other … Finances, career … Every couple has things going on, but this summer, you’ll see it firsthand play out.”

Carl and Lindsay’s housemates had a front-row seat to the action. “There were big fights, like volcanoes,” says Kyle Cooke.

Kyle saw “red flags” in the relationship

Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

Kyle says he saw “red flags” in the relationship dating back to “the first couple months of their dating.” Well, duh. We all saw those flags. They were the size of Texas.

“I saw things that concerned me,” Kyle tells People. “But how do you find the right time and place to confront not just Carl, but Lindsay, too? These are both my friends and … you don’t want to … say something that could jeopardize your friendships. Sometimes I’m not very eloquent with my timing or my wording, so I have to pick and choose my battles.”

 Even though the Loverboy founder knows every relationship has its issues, he admits Carl and Lindsay’s were “bigger than most.” Yet he never expected them to call off their Mexico wedding.

“I honestly thought they would still go through with it because I knew they loved each other,” he says. “I knew there was this friendship. As crazy as it sounds, it is way harder to have the self-awareness … to call off a wedding than to even propose.” I 100% agree with that. It took courage for Carl to sit Lindsay down and call things off, especially knowing how volatile she can be. I don’t blame him for having cameras (and security) there.

Did they move too fast?

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Some of their close friends expressed concern about how fast the relationship was progressing when Carl proposed after less than a year of dating. Top of that list was Lindsay’s BFF Danielle Olivera, who had an onscreen meltdown at the party following their end-of-summer engagement.

For his part, Carl is just trying to make peace with the past and move forward. “Sure, there’s things in my past that I wish I could have done differently,” he says. “But I think you’ll just make yourself crazy trying to rehash and replay. Things played out the way they did. I can’t go back and change time. I was a different person two years ago … [and] can only do what I can today [to move toward] healing … I definitely learned a lot.”

Summer House Season 8 premieres tonight and will air Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.