The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9 recap
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The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: Phaedra Won’t Kiss Peter’s Ass for a Rose

If you were in any doubt about how dramatic The Traitors could remain, Season 2, Episode 9 dispelled those fears. It was one for the books, as another Traitor was recruited, a murder was made, and one of the most epic roundtables in Traitors history took place. Exactly who was banished remains to be seen, but this episode still had a lot for fans to chew over. Here’s everything that went down in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9: “A Game of Death.”

Kate joins Phaedra and makes her first kill

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9
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Kate really had no choice but to join Phaedra as a Traitor. Otherwise, she’d have been murdered. “Great choice. I didn’t wanna leave you here to die,” Phaedra quipped.

When they made it to the Traitors Turret, Phaedra reflected on her journey so far. Of Dan, she said he was “like eating dried milk with toast, no butter, no jam.” But then, when she asked Kate to come up with some “strategy,” the Below Deck star was left bemused. “You don’t have a plan?!” she questioned in confessional.

On the chopping block tonight: Kevin, Peter, and Trishelle. Kate joked that Peter put the “dick in dictator,” while Kevin was a “follower” according to Phaedra. As for Trishelle? She’s “gonna have a vendetta” against Phaedra, having already aired her concerns. But who did they settle on?

Who was murdered in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9?

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9 recap
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Kevin Kreider was the sixth Faithful murdered in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9.

Thankfully, Phaedra and Kate steered away from trying to cut Trishelle from the game, as she had a shield and would have survived the night.

At breakfast, Sandra and CT discussed their mutual distrust of Peter with Kate. CT said he was “doing too much” and “doesn’t listen to anyone else.” But as MJ arrived, the spotlight fell elsewhere.

“The light in Kate’s face is not totally there,” MJ told the group, unafraid of Kate hearing. She said something was “amiss,” and Kate said in confessional that her paranoia was spiking; it’s the reason why she doesn’t partake in some Mary Jane back home.

Phaedra’s potentially fatal mistake

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9
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After some chatter back at the castle, in which Trishelle tells John she’s “not excited for the roundtable” as she believes her trio – also including Peter – is “doomed,” the group head off to their next mission. This week, they’ll be shooting stained glass windows in a church. But don’t worry, it’s not an act of vandalism. They’ve been mocked up for the challenge.

Each window has the name of a remaining player on it. The player whose window remains unshattered when all is said and done will receive a shield, and be safe from that night’s murder. So how does money play into things? The group is given $25,000 to start with, but every misfire from the crossbow they will use to shatter the windows will remove $250 from that total. Cue the chaos.

Miss after miss after miss means the group has to come up with some strategy. They decide they can be tactical by not moving the crossbow as much once one shot has been deemed close to a window. And it works!

MJ shatters Shereé’s window, before Phaedra hits Peter, CT hits Phaedra, Shereé hits MJ, and MJ hits Sandra. But then, plenty more misses follow. As nothing is connecting, Phaedra decides to move the crossbow entirely to Trishelle. And while Kate then hits Trishelle, and Phaedra hits Kate, the damage is done.

In the end, CT wins a shield, and $15,250 is added to the pot. But along with his safety, CT now also has suspicions.

The castle campaigning begins

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9 recap
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After the mission, the group headed back to the castle, where Peter and Trishelle put together a plan to convince the others that Phaedra was indeed a Traitor. Peter took Phaedra for a one-on-one chat, so that Trishelle had the opportunity to talk to the Bravolebrities alone.

Trishelle pointed out “compelling evidence” against Phaedra, but Kate pushed back, pointing out Peter’s flaws. Trishelle then accused the women of “blind loyalty.” Something MJ took issue with. “I didn’t come to this castle to win a personality test with these ladies,” MJ retorted, “and if any of us do that, we’re all gonna lose.”

Later, CT took his newfound suspicions of Sandra and Phaedra to Trishelle. He pointed out their interaction in the challenge, and Trishelle was entirely on board. However, she didn’t want the Sandra suspicions to come out tonight. Instead, they had to focus on Phaedra. “Let’s do it,” CT agreed.

John tries to take down Phaedra at the roundtable

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9
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“This is a pivotal moment in the game,” John started at this week’s roundtable. “Almost certainly a turning point after which there is no prospect of turning back.” And then came his accusations of Phaedra being a Traitor.

“First, two people banished as Traitors both named you as a Traitor. I believe that’s an important point. The second point I’d like to make is this: I think it matters in this game to find and banish the Traitors. Now, of course, it’s a game of skill and intuition and calculation and maneuvering, but your approach, Phaedra, is to avoid error. You’re ‘Fly Low Phaedra,’ you are non-committal by day and fatal under cover of darkness.”

John’s words weren’t something Phaedra was going to take lying down.

“Now you speak very eloquently,” she started. “Unfortunately, this is not Parliament, so you can bring it down a notch and just get to the point, and we would really appreciate it.” I’m glad somebody said it. John knows how to waffle.

“In the case of me, I am a Faithful, and while you would love to protect Peter, what those two Traitors … had in common is both of them were in collusion with your bromance friend, Peter. So what does that really mean if you’re such a Traitor hunter? Why aren’t you talking about that?” Phaedra then accused Peter of trying to work with her; something he vehemently denied.

Peter gets a tongue-lashing from Phaedra

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9 recap
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“There is nothing wrong in a game of Traitors to want to have private discussions, because you never know who’s listening,” Peter says in defense of his actions. But Phaedra wants to draw blood.

“You think that you can play all of these tricks,” she starts. “What you might’ve forgotten Peter is this is not The Bachelor and I don’t have to kiss your ass for a rose.” Phaedra then accused Peter of playing a “me, me, me,” game which, really rubbed him the wrong way.

“I don’t want you to be a Traitor Phaedra, I just think you are, ’cause up to that point, I liked you. Until those words that you just gave to me.” Boohoo, Peter. That was a light roasting, as any Real Housewives of Atlanta fan will know.

Enter CT. And he’s got props. The Challenge champ draws the windows from the challenge on his slate, and wonders, “Why wouldn’t we just move over and have a better shot at a bigger target instead of all the way down here … to prevent Trishelle from getting a shield?”

Trishelle then accuses Phaedra of going “out of your way” to ensure she would be available for murder. “It had nothing to do with targeting you Trishelle,” Phaedra said.

Then Sandra spoke up. She said her issue with Peter was him wanting to save Parvati despite thinking she was a Traitor. It “set off alarm bells,” and Shereé can’t help but agree. “It did not make sense to jump from where we were to save Parvati.”

The vote gets underway, but who is banished?

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9
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Peter says he cannot be a Traitor, because he wouldn’t have purposely misfired at Bergie who had a shield. It’s a good point, but he still could have been recruited after the fact. “[If] we don’t get this right tonight, Traitors win the game,” he warns.

Chalk hits slate, and the votes are revealed. Phaedra and Sandra, along with Shereé and Kate vote for Peter. Peter, John, Trishelle and CT all vote for Phaedra. So, it comes down to MJ’s vote. Has she stuck with the Bravolebs? Or will she be the deciding factor in banishing the third Traitor from the game?

We won’t find out until next week!

The Traitors continues Thursdays, with new episodes arriving on Peacock at 9/8c.