Alexia Nepola on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
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Alexia Nepola Reveals Botched Cosmetic Procedure Caused Facial Bruising

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 finale featured some wildly entertaining drama, including another clash between Larsa Pippen and Guerdy Abraira. However, eagle eyed viewers may have been distracted from the fight by Alexia Nepola.

Some viewers spotted a gray mark on the left side of Alexia’s face, around where her neck met her jaw. In all likelihood, most fans didn’t notice. It wasn’t too visible given the lighting, camera movement, and her makeup.

Still, Housewives fans can be detail-oriented (sometimes to a fault). So, there were enough fans commenting on Alexia’s bruise to warrant a response. What followed was a surprisingly well-mannered online discussion.

Alexia’s honesty on collagen procedure surprises fans

In a February 21 Instagram post celebrating the Season 6 finale, one fan kindly commented, “You looked beautiful tonight but what was that huge bruise on your left jaw from[?]” Alexia responded, “I know [eye roll emoji],” and explained that the bruise was a result of bad cosmetic surgery.

As the Housewife herself explained, “I tried doing collagen stimulation threads (tiny ones) in the jowl area and she got a little vein. It caused swelling and bruising right away. It was really horrible. That’s with makeup and everything.” Lucky for Alexia, folks were all too sympathetic.

As one IG commenter replied to her, “you looked STUNNING.” Another said, “glad it’s nothing serious.” In the Reddit thread where Alexia’s comment was posted, the top comment reads, “I’m pleasantly surprised she admitted to a procedure.” One reply suggested that admission was better than having viewers speculate about something worse.

Indeed, admitting to procedures can be rather embarrassing. Many Housewives in the past have been torn apart by viewers for overdoing it with cosmetic and/or plastic surgery. While Housewives can get carried away, some viewers have themselves to blame for perpetuating beauty standards. Self-esteem issues are hard enough without being on camera every day.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 reunion begins on Bravo starting Wednesday, February 28 at 9/8c.