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Todd Chrisley Accuses Prison Service of Denying Him Church Services

Guess what, y’all – Todd Chrisley is complaining about prison again. The Four Seasons it isn’t and the quality of jail is simply not up to Todd’s standards. That said, those who are incarcerated are entitled to clean living conditions and to be treated as human beings. According to Todd, that is not the case.

Both Todd and Julie Chrisley are locked up for bank fraud and lying about finances. While Julie has been doing her time and staying under the radar, Todd has been making sure to point out every issue wrong with his stay in Camp Fed. Now he states he’s not allowed to attend church. NewsNation has the scoop.

Still being treated unfairly – allegedly

The Chrisley Knows Best alum is feeling blue because he hasn’t spoken to his wife since going into custody and now he can’t even pray. Todd seems to feel the warden of the jail targets him specifically because he speaks out about prison conditions.

Now Todd has it in his head that he’s being denied religious services due to continued interviews with NewsNation. A priest was allegedly yanked right in the middle of service. He said, “That was their way of trying to intimidate me. I just walked out and said, ‘It ain’t going to change what I’m going to say.’” It’s also not going to change the length of time he has to spend in the slammer. Todd wants main character energy both as a free man and as someone who is doing time for fraud.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons does not speak on particular conditions of confinement for those incarcerated. However, they have advised, “Humane treatment of the men and women in our custody is a top priority.” They additionally stated inmates of all religious groups have the opportunity to practice their faith.

As Todd continues to point out things he finds wrong within the prison system, he knows one day he’ll be going home. “God is going to take me out of here. God knew when I was coming in here, and he knows when I am going out,” he said. I don’t know the Lord personally, but I have to assume he frowns on bank fraud.