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Parvati Shallow on Peter’s ‘Annoying’ Gameplay on The Traitors and if She’d Hang With Anyone From the Cast

Although Parvati Shallow’s time on The Traitors is no longer, the CBS legend still has some feelings about her costars, especially The Bachleor’s own Peter Weber

Throughout the show, Peter, a Faithful, has taken on sort of a savior complex, if you will. He wants to lead his group of the so-called “most faithful of the faithful” to the end by playing an honest and loyal game — despite the premise of the show being about murder, malice, and betrayal. 

During an earlier episode, the two remaining Traitors, Parvati and the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks, sent Peter a recruitment letter, hoping he’d accept and fill the extra space as a Traitor. However, he declined, mentioning his desire to play with integrity. So, what did Parv think of his gameplay? Check it out below. 

Par-va-ti sounds off on Peter’s game and her relationship with her costars

Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock

“Peter is a dog with a bone,” Parvati told Out. “It’s very hard for him to drop something once [he’s] got it in his clutches,” she said, referring to Peter’s crusade to banish Parvati. “Peter took on this mentality of being the leader of the Faithfuls, the savior of the Faithfuls. I think that is his detriment in this game: not being able to kind of let that go.” 

“I think he would’ve had more fun if he said yes and joined the Traitors,” she continued. “We could have made some moves happen. But he just wasn’t able to, at least in this game. … he just wasn’t able to drop that sort of moral and ethical superiority that he claimed was guiding him.” Shade. 

The former Survivor winner continued, calling Peter’s strategy “annoying” since a game like The Traitors is meant to have “these kinds of villains and heroes.” 

“That’s a dangerous move to make: to play reality television to prove that you’re a good person. It’s going to backfire on you.” 

Regarding her relationships with the rest of the cast, where does Parvati stand with them today? 

“I’m friendly with all of them, but I don’t know if I would hang out with a lot of them as friends,” she said. “It was hard for me to make real bonds and connections with people knowing that I was lying to everyone. I think that now, after the fact, we’ve all hung out together in New York for the junket, and I’m friendly with everyone. I will hang with them, but I didn’t super bond with anyone necessarily.” 

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