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Julie Chrisley’s Prison Letters Show True Heartbreak of Missing Husband Todd

Chrisley Knows Best alums Todd and Julie Chrisley have both been incarcerated for fraud and lying to the government about finances. The couple have admitted to no wrongdoing and an oral appeal on their case is set to be heard in April.

After surrendering to authorities in January 2023, Julie might not have realized it would be the last time she spoke to her husband. While Todd has been vocal about prison conditions, now Julie is being vocal about how much she misses “her person.” Savannah Chrisley shared some of Julie’s letters on an episode of her podcast, Unlocked.

In her own words …

I wonder if Julie knew she was marrying the son of a career criminal. Todd’s father Gene Raymond Chrisley wasn’t exactly a sin-free man, despite the praise given to the patriarch on Chrisley Knows Best. Gene had done time for larceny, armed robbery, and car theft, so perhaps Todd comes by it naturally?

Anyway, fans of the family are finally getting to hear from Julie after she’s been behind bars for over a year. I guess Todd hasn’t done anything this week so it’s time to read some of Julie’s most heartfelt thoughts.

After moving to her cell in Kentucky, Julie wrote, “I knew my life was about to change forever. My husband and I stood in our bedroom right in front of our prayer bench and said our goodbyes. We hugged, we kissed and we prayed before he walked out the door heading to Pensacola, Florida with Savannah, Grayson, and Nic [Kerdiles].”

Savannah continued reading Julie’s letter. “This would be the last time I would speak to my husband face to face,” she shared. “We talked on the phone during his ride to Pensacola, I called one last time before I self-surrendered to the camp in Lexington.” 

Then Sassy became emotional. “What a sobering thought, the man I had lived with, raised a family with, and loved more than life itself is now temporarily residing in Florida, and me in Kentucky,” Julie noted.

“My parents and the child that made me a mother, Chase, along with Chad, our dear friend, drove to Kentucky. I could not wrap my head around the fact that I was going to be separated from my husband and children for what seems like a lifetime.”

Julie misses Todd so much “It hurts”

Savannah went on with her mother’s message. “We turned onto the road that the prison is located, passing white vans with paparazzi in them. My family said their goodbyes and I walked into prison with nothing but the clothes on my back.”

A different letter found Julie “so happy” she can keep in touch with relatives but, “I miss Todd so much that it hurts. I’ve never gone this long without talking to him.” 

Sassy reflected on her mom’s words. “I can just feel her hurt through these messages and to just think about how different life is now, a year, almost a year and a half later, and to just think that like, sure, there’s some funny things in here, mom’s trying to make jokes, trying to make light of it, but like this is her life now. And it’s so different than obviously what it was before, in just the emotional aspect of it of having to miss your family so much.”

This is very sad but also 100% preventable. Julie didn’t have to participate in anything unsavory, but I guess the love of Todd Chrisley can make you do strange things. Allegedly.