Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 1 Recap: Who is the Liar Among Us?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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After a neat, bow-wrapped finale last week, the cameras rolled again for The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 1. With an explosive season at their backs, the ladies were ready to have it out, some more than others. Before the reunion truly began, viewers saw Andy Cohen filming from his phone, catching audio from down the hall where Larsa and Alexia were shouting at each other. Viewers also received snippets of what was to come, including Guerdy vs. Larsa, Kiki vs. Lisa, and Nicole vs. Alexia. So, how did the RHOM Season 6 Reunion, Part 1 begin?

The Miami Housewives reconvene for the Season 6 reunion

The ladies arrived in high spirits, blissfully unaware of how heated things were about to get. While in hair and makeup, Guerdy and Kiki joined in prayer with the latter saying, “Lord, bless me with the strength to kick those b*tches asses.” Adriana, meanwhile, encouraged Julia not to forget who her real friends were.

Andy stopped by everyone’s dressing room to say hi. He asked Guerdy if she thought there could be a resolution with Larsa, to which Guerdy said the ball was in her court. “She likes balls, right?” As for Larsa, she griped to Andy about how hyper-fixated everyone was on Michael Jordan. Marcus, who’d joined Larsa, commented on how none of the other Housewives could even do the dishes in the Jordan home, let alone insert themselves into this conversation.

The cameras soon began rolling and Andy greeted each Housewife individually. Adriana shared her outfit inspiration – Frida Kahlo. Nicole shared her baby’s due date, April 23. Andy commented on Guerdy’s new look, saying how well she pulled it off. Larsa, referring to her crown, said she wanted to “rise above it all and be very queen-like.”

Larsa, her sex life, her man, and her friends

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 1
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From there, Andy pointed out Larsa’s promise ring, and Larsa said the search for a diamond was going well. That transitioned into a question about Larsa’s sex life. In the past, Larsa said she had sex four times a night with her ex and five times a night with Marcus. A fan asked how her family felt about these comments. Larsa said she wouldn’t be discussing it anymore as it made her family uncomfortable.

Alexia asked, “Do you blame them? That is a little weird,” to which Larsa said, “I didn’t ask you.” When both Alexia and Guerdy said they doubted Larsa’s claims, Larsa suggested they were “dry.” Adriana responded aptly: “Jesus.” When Guerdy and Alexia expressed their doubt, Lisa said, “I’ve seen videos.” I beg your pardon?

Larsa then turned her offense to Kiki, saying she hadn’t been a good friend given what she said in her confessionals. Guerdy jumped in and said that was how she felt with Larsa. Kiki and Larsa went back and forth with Kiki saying Larsa needed to grow up for wanting to throw a party for her man after five days of being apart. Marcus, from the back room, said, “Don’t hate on our love.”

Guerdy said the overarching issue was that Larsa made everyone face consequences for anything they said about her. Guerdy accused her of threatening her friends in this sense (keep this in mind, it will be relevant later). Kiki and Larsa ultimately decided the argument was a non-issue, apologized, and moved on.

Larsa’s wedding and future father-in-law, Michael Jordan

From there, the conversation moved to Michael Jordan, and whether or not he was joking when he said he disapproved of Larsa and Marcus’ relationship. Julia said it didn’t seem like a joke at all. Julia compared it to dating Chris Evert’s son after having been married to Martina. She and Martina had a WHOLE thing in the 70s and 80s. Andy thought the analogy was on-point whereas Marcus said it wasn’t even close, from the safety of backstage.

Larsa defended herself by saying the basketball world was small. She then admitted it was awkward but still felt she was being held to an unreasonable standard since nobody else talked about their castmates’ partner’s parents. Andy pointed out it was a unique situation and people weren’t quite as fixated on it as Larsa was making it out to be. In fact, Alexia said the group didn’t talk about it enough. Julia agreed, blaming Larsa’s deflections.

Larsa then revealed that Michael had watched the show – at least a portion of it – commenting on the charity basketball game and how funny it was to watch Marcus coaching. As for the wedding, Larsa said she only wanted to surround herself with those who were genuinely happy for her, meaning some castmates might not be invited to the wedding. She also added the Jordan family was rather private.

Before going to commercial, Guerdy told Alexia that Larsa was “the poison in the group. … Every scene, every confessional, there’s a f*cking text message from her.”

Julia, Marysol, and Adriana in one big stirred pot

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 1 recap
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Once back from commercial, a fan asked Marysol about the moment from Episode 1 when Julia called her a pot-stirrer. Marysol said Adriana was simply “in [Julia’s] ear.” Adriana jumped in and said there was a cyberbully in the group. Everyone went quiet out of sheer confusion. “Okay?” Andy said. Adriana pulled out a printed sheet with DMs from an alleged Bravo account. This account claimed that Marysol messaged to encourage smack-talk against Adriana.

Marysol called her a liar. “I’m not that stupid,” she said, suggesting Adriana was obsessed with her. Adriana then pointed out how Marysol joked that she wanted Adriana dead. Marysol defended the joke aspect of it, but yeah, a little hypocritical after the way she ran away from Ana Quincoces for her supposed death comments.

When Andy pointed out that online commentators often called Marysol the pot-stirrer of the group, Marysol said “It’s not just me.” She said that all the ladies liked listening to gossip, then told Adriana to “shut the f*ck up,” when she suggested Marysol’s the one who likes to spread it.

Going back to Julia, she said that she and Marysol were in a different spot. She did, however, say it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility for Marysol to have a private investigator. Adriana said the PI was Marysol’s cousin. Again, this outburst was met with confusion.

Andy asked who among the group thought Marysol might hire someone to dig up dirt. Adriana, Nicole, and Kiki raised their hands, with Lisa on the fence. Marysol defended herself, saying she surely could’ve said something “more meaty” if she’d had a PI.

Was Todd’s beef with Adriana real?

The discussion went on with Andy wondering who in the group thought Julia was a pot-stirrer. Everyone agreed but in a lighthearted manner. Nicole suggested that even though Julia often spoke without a filter, at least her words were often rooted in fact. Marysol, on the other hand, would stand on false claims “like the Holy Grail.”

After calling Marysol “reckless,” Alexia accused Nicole of having someone do her dirty work for her. With Julia and Marysol moving past it, the focus switched completely to Alexia and Todd. Fans certainly recall when Todd failed to show up to the Nuevos Horizontes party. He was hardly seen all season. Adriana said it should’ve been Todd’s job to be there for Alexia. The Cuban Barbie responded, “Well, it’s not part of the job being a b*tch like you are.

Alexia called Adriana a liar and Adriana tried to interrupt her before Andy intervened. “The hubris,” Adriana repeated three times. Alexia continued, saying Todd’s major reservation was that everyone would mock his nine-minute apology video to Anthony. Larsa said that made more sense than the stated reason of Adriana as his deterrent. But that begged the question of why Todd’s story changed.

Alexia, Adriana, and Marysol all went back and forth calling each other liars. “The entire America knows that I speak the truth,” Alexia said, giving everyone pause. “Don’t say that,” Larsa said. “I’m not cool with that.”

Alexia’s double standards and Todd’s finances

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 1 recap
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Alexia slammed Adriana further for doing a negative press tour about Alexia after they left in a good place at the Season 5 reunion. Nicole pointed out that everyone talks about each other in the press. This led Nicole to point out that Alexia held everyone to different standards than those to which she held herself.

“You expect people on the cast to behave a certain way towards you, but you don’t treat people the same way.” Her examples were finances and family. Alexia tried to get into specifics and Nicole told her she was “missing the point. … You can dish it but can’t take it, honey!” Alexia assured Andy and the group that there were no double standards and that she certainly could “take it.”

Marysol jumped in to defend her friend, saying that everybody could dish it but couldn’t take it. As for Todd’s finances, Alexia said she and Todd shared bank accounts with very transparent information. Alexia also brought her lease to prove financial stability. From there, Lisa and Nicole ran out to use the bathroom.

Adriana reads a poem before chaos erupts

When the group came back from their bathroom break, Adriana stood up, announcing that she had a poem to share. The rhythm really fell apart at the end, but it once again mentioned “hubris,” and how a person can truly be a “star.” The conversation began slowly devolving as Larsa and Alexia called each other liars.

Alexia briefly mentioned Larsa’s lie about sharing Guerdy’s diagnosis. Andy put that topic on the back burner. Larsa called Alexia and Todd liars for saying Adriana was the reason he didn’t attend the party. Alexia and Larsa continued shouting and Julia and Kiki decided to kiss while Andy tried to corral everyone.

From there, Guerdy took over to call Larsa the show’s biggest pot-stirrer. “You literally hold people hostage. … Nicole, tell us,” Guerdy demanded.

Alexia’s wild (and alleged) accusation against Larsa

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 reunion, Part 1
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Nicole admitted that the group had been talking about Larsa and Lisa’s argument during Alexia’s wedding. Alexia allegedly said that Larsa called her and warned her that if she didn’t have her back, she would go to the press with threats of drug use at Alexia’s wedding.

Larsa admitted that she heard drugs were done at Alexia’s wedding but denied threatening Alexia. “You like to scare people!” Alexia fired back. Guerdy agreed: “You do it all day long!” Nicole admitted to having a drug test done the next day just in case Larsa went to the press. Larsa still denied threatening Alexia, to which Alexia said that Larsa didn’t perceive it as a threat, “but it is underlying. Like, ‘You know what? I got information on you!’”

From there, the group split up for a break … until Alexia stepped into Larsa’s room. The argument that followed was somewhat hard to follow. Ultimately, the two began shouting again about which of them was a liar. And so we end as we began, with the found footage of Andy listening to the shouting from down the hall. As to whether things go up from there? That remains to be seen.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 reunion continues Thursday, February 29, at 8/7c on Bravo.