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Lindsay Hubbard Releases Statement After Questioning Carl Radke’s Sobriety in Summer House Season 8

What’s this? Is Lindsay Hubbard actually taking accountability for something? Did she suddenly realize the optics of her accusing her fiancé, who’s been proudly sober since January 2021, of being “on something” was just not a good look for her?

In Season 8, Episode 2 of Summer House, which aired March 1, Carl Radke and Linds headed out for an evening to the club with their housemates. But Lindsay returned not long afterward, trailed by her good friend Gabby Prescod. Lindsay was obviously activated and saying all kinds of terrible things about Carl. The worst was that he was using drugs again.

For Lindsay to accuse “the person you are supposed to be marrying in a few months, that is the most f*cked up accusation you can make,” said Amanda Batula. After watching the episode back, Lindsay realized she’d appeared a bit over the top and issued a statement on her Instagram Stories. Not quite an apology, her statement was more of an attempt to justify her bizarre behavior.

Just a little chat with a supportive friend

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“After watching back this week’s episode,” Lindsay said, “I wish I had used better wording. I was emotional and hurt … [W]hat I said was meant to be a private conversation.” So she just forgot about the cameras following her around because she’s on a TV show?

What seems to have triggered the public relations specialist was Carl trying to soothe her anxiety about being in the Lyft with the boys, rather than the girls. She thought the girls would be offended that she didn’t ride with them.

But when Carl told her, “Babe, you’re fine … it’s not that deep,’” she took it as him dismissing her feelings rather than trying to calm her.

“She looked at me, and she’s like, ‘What are you on?’” Carl said later.

Lindsay then told Amanda, “He’s on something. He’s so mean to me. I can’t do this. The way that he spoke to me tonight was very reminiscent of, like, Carl on cocaine. He was not sober tonight.”

Shockingly, Lindsay went on to say, “I hate him. He’s such a f*cking piece of sh*t.” Wow. Nice way to talk about the man you’re planning to marry.

The worst thing you can say to a sober person

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“I have never questioned his sobriety before this moment, and from day one I was his biggest supporter,” Lindsay continued. Until you accused your intended of being, once again, on drugs.

“I have always been transparent on the show about my feelings,” Lindsay went on. That’s for sure! Lindsay doesn’t hold back.

She claims her “only intention here” was to lean on her friends for support. I think her friends were a little shocked at the intensity of her “leaning.” Saying you hate your fiancé and calling him “Cocaine Carl” was maybe not the best way to talk about the man you intend to marry.

Is it all starting to make more sense now? Thanks, Bravo, for showing us the disintegration of Lindsay and Carl’s relationship. We all knew it was only a matter of time anyway.

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