Biggest Bombshells From the Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 cast photo
Photo by: Gizelle Hernandez/Stephanie Diani/Bravo via Getty Images

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 was muy caliente, and the reunion was no different. The ladies gathered to get all their issues off their chests as best they could. Naturally, most of the conversations turned to yelling and one-upping each other. Still, I’ll miss the ladies of Miami and look forward to Bravo telling us that Season 7 is in the works. 

What Did Marcus Jordan Say About the Ladies?

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

Marcus Jordan is feeling the heat after saying some pretty dumb sh*t about the cast. Everything happens backstage as Marcus is caught shading his girlfriend’s frenemies with Andy Cohen. Marcus quipped the rest of the women “Wouldn’t be able to do dishes in our house, let alone trying to bring themselves into this conversation. Some people just need to stay in their lane.” Surely, he has a maid for his dishes. I’m not quite sure what he was trying to get at, but the comments were nasty, condescending, diminishing, and shocking. 

Alexia vs. Larsa


Alexia and Larsa continue their fight backstage at the #RHOM reunion. #RealityTV #Hayu

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All great moments seem to be happening behind the scenes on the RHOM reunion this year. Larsa Pippen and Alexia Nepola got into a heated battle after the first commercial break. It all started when Alexia essentially called Larsa a liar, but it was not taken well when Larsa threw the same word back in her friend’s face. Evidently, you can call Alexia a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them. “Have you ever known me to go and use anything to go to the media? Then you called me a liar,” to which Alexia clapped back, “No, I said you’re all liars.” As if that makes it any better. 

During part two of the reunion, the fight escalated as Larsa claimed she always stood up for her friends. She yelled, “Alexia, I’m a way better friend to you than you are to me.” Alexia disagreed with that assessment and said, “What kind of fu*king friend are you?” Producers tried their best to corral the women, but the feud kept going even as they were being mic’d. 

Larsa’s Sex Life Makes Family Feel Icky

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

Along with Michael Jordan, who “definitely watched the show,” Larsa confirmed that her family was made to feel “uncomfortable” whenever she brought up her sex life or how many times a night she made love. Well, duh! I think most people would be made to feel uncomfortable if their loved one was openly talking about her sex life on a national platform. Larsa has stated that she and Marcus had sex five times a night, which no one truly believes, but noted her comments were NSFW, telling Andy, “I’m not gonna be talking about my sexual activity anymore because I feel like it makes my family uncomfortable,” she said.

Lisa’s Update on Divorce

Lisa Hoschstein/Instagram

Now, I felt for Lisa Hochstein, but the entire season just turned into a trail of tears, which I am surprised she and the rest of the women didn’t drown in. There is no doubt Lisa has been through a lot when it comes to her split from Lenny Hochstein, but let’s put it all into perspective. The mother of two is walking away with alimony and a new house—things could be worse. Lisa shared with viewers that her children know exactly who her boyfriend is now, and he is no longer their uncle. 

Lisa also shared that the divorce has “gotten significantly worse,” sharing that her ex has a vendetta against her. But Lisa did note that she could now legally live near Jody Glidden, and Lenny still has to legally build her new home for her. So she has that going for her. 

The Ladies Tie up Loose Ends

Nicole Martin/Instagram

Everyone was curious about an update on Nicole Martin’s wedding plans. Surprising no one, the doctor revealed that she had no plan to run down the aisle as she was happy with her life. Andy gave his condolences for the loss of her father, and Nicole noted she was happy she could share that she was expecting her second child with him before his death. Sadly, her father never left a will, so her older siblings claimed his assets.

Guerdy Abraira and Larsa will not be friends anytime soon. Guerdy reiterated that she had gone “through the worst part of my life … and you f*cking made it harder.” Larsa tried to double down, but the look didn’t bode well and left everyone thinking: Is it time for Larsa to be booted from Real Housewives of Miami