Why The Traitors Is Better With Just Reality TV Stars

The Traitors
Photo by: PEACOCK

The Traitors is reality TV gold. I am living for the betrayal, sass, and gameplay that each one of these contestants is bringing to the table. And I have to say, I like Season 2 a whole lot more since there are no normies on it. With just veteran reality stars, the show has expanded into a whole new dimension, and I am here for it. 

What Happened in Season 1


I’m not sure Peacock knew how big of a hit The Traitors would be when Season 1 premiered in 2023. The show introduced 20 of America’s most cunning players, which included a mix of everyday Americans and some well-known famous faces. With host Alan Cumming at the helm, it was bound to be a hit show. An ancient castle in Scotland became home to the new Brady Bunch, and while it was interesting to see the everyday Joes meeting some of their favorite game players, the season fell a bit flat. In the end, Cirie Fields, a former Survivor contestant, won the entire game.

Season 2 Upped Its Game


The New Year gave us a new season, and with that, 20 new contestants, but this time, each was a GOAT from their particular series. Every single player is a reality TV veteran who knows how to scheme to get what they want. I think this makes a better game because, as the golden rule states, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The celebrities have a clear advantage over the normies, which makes it a much more cutthroat game.

I mean, to see Phaedra Parks in a tizzy after Parvati Shallow came for the housewives was everything. I’m thrilled that producers weren’t convinced to go down the road of a half-and-half cast. I am loving how sub-groups within sub-groups have formed. You have The Challenge crew, Survivor, Big Brother, Real Housewives, and a few other random series. But each of them gravitated towards those they trusted. 

Producers Speak Out


If there were everyday Joes on the show, I think the clear line would be TV stars vs everyone else, and after a while, that storyline gets boring. As a viewer, I want to see what makes a veteran a veteran not watch multiple episodes as a rookie tries to figure out what strategy works best for them. I want to see the geniuses at work and not be held back. 

The original Dutch format was all celebrities, and honestly, it feels so natural for that to be the case during Season 2. Producer Sam Rees-Jones spoke with Variety, saying, “Season 1, we were quite interested in how people would approach the game if, for some people, you knew something about and you might have a preconceived idea about, and some people you didn’t know anything about at all. I think that was the concept initially behind the mix. I think it was really interesting and paid off really well. For Season 2, we wanted to flip it and see how this would play out.”

Reality Stars Assemble


Without a doubt, and this a hill I’d be ready to die on, The Traitors Season 2 has assembled some of the best reality TV stars of our time. I mean, you have CT Tamburello, for God’s sake! He has single-handedly become the Goliath of TV, and I am not just referring to his log-sized quads. The entire cast should be treated as royalty, which is why I continue to tune in each week. The smorgasbord of stars is unparalleled, and no other show on TV is giving GOAT energy. 

Each player knows how to bring the mafia wife vibes and isn’t afraid to kill their closest friends. I also find myself rooting for the Traitors as the Faithful often follow their leads down a dead-end road. There is no monotony, and each episode leaves viewers in a climax, waiting to see what the next installment brings. So please, Peacock, don’t ever give me the normies again.